TapouT XT ® Review

by Michael Brown on July 19, 2012

TapouT XT® has been tested and proven effective by the best MMA fighters in the industry. The combination of kicks, punches and yoga will have every participant in fighting condition in a short period of time. TapouT XT will help participants to build muscle and burn fat for a complete and total body workout. In 90 days, participants will be in “fighting” shape or they can receive their money back.

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tapout xt reviewPros of TapouT XT:

  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Convenience of Working Out at Home
  • Total Body Workout That Combines Multiple Disciplines
  • Teaches Self Defense through Exercise
  • Uses Yoga in Combination with Martial Arts

Cons of TapouT XT:

  • Not as Portable with 12 DVDs
  • Super Intense 90-day Program (Don’t order it if you don’t want to work for it)


TapouT XT is recommended for people who want to achieve a body similar to a MMA fighter. The program can help people burn fat, develop lean muscle mass and define their abdominal muscles. Professional trainer Mike Kapenko will lead at-home participants on their 90-day journey to MMA fighter success.

The program uses cardiovascular workouts, power training, core training, strength training and yoga to help participants develop bodies similar to MMA fighters. The program uses 12 DVDs and some simple equipment to guide participants to fitness success. The DVDs range in intensity from basic to intense. Each day, a new one hour workout is presented to build endurance and keep participants from getting bored.

The program is not meant for those people who are looking for shortcuts to achieving the perfect body. TapouT XT will require work to enhance each participant’s metabolism and help participants burn up to 1,200 calories every workout session. Mike uses the RIPP principle to accomplish this with his participants.

The entire workout can be a substitute for any gym workout. For those who travel, the DVDs are portable, and the workout can easily be conducted in a hotel room if necessary. Mike is the lead trainer on every DVD, one of the most popular of which being the Plyo XT which is a 51-minute lower body workout.

TapoutT XT is intended to be an advanced workout. The program is recommended for people who desire to work hard, sweat and work on specific muscle groups to achieve results. The program focuses on achieving balanced muscle growth over the entire body.

Mike uses mixed martial arts to push participants to the limit and achieve the desired results. The moves may also be used for self-defense. The program is desirable for this reason also.

Exercise alone will not achieve results. Mike includes information on meal plans to help users manage their diet and maximize the efforts of their physical routine. When the total body is considered in the fitness program, participants have a greater chance of success and achieving the body they desire.

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Before starting the program, it is strongly recommended that each participant speak with their physician prior to starting the program. If doctors determine there are no health conditions, participants are recommended to train to their upper limits.

What is Included in TapouT XT Program?

The program consists of 12 DVDs. Each DVD has a set of workouts to help participants achieve the body they deserve. The program follows the principles of Rapid-Fire, Interval, Precision and Power (RIPP). Some of the popular workouts on the DVDs include:

Plyo XT. This 51-minute lower body workout is led by the creator of TapouT XT. This portion of the workout regimen is highly effective and popular with most participants. Tuck jumps in this workout will prepare users for box jumps in the next DVD.

Strength and Force Upper. This 54-minute workout is all about maximum strength training and upper body training. There are numerous squats incorporated into this workout regimen. Push-ups and sit-ups are also featured in many workouts including the strength and force upper body DVD. Shoulder and arm endurance are also built in this workout.

Yoga XT. Yoga XT is the 51-minute portion of the workout program that uses challenging Yoga poses to work the hamstrings and calves. Through downward dogs and planking, participants can define muscles through a method that is not strenuous.

Sprawl and Brawl Workout. This 46-minute video will teach some self-defense moves including the step forward hook elbow.

Ripped Conditioning. To get “ripped” with this program no weights or pull ups are required. The extreme conditioning program is 41 minutes and will help achieve the perfect body.

Ultimate Abs XT. This 15-minute abdominal workout is essential to achieving chiseled abdominals.

Competition Core. Add definition to your abdominals with the 47-minute workout regimen specifically targeting abs.

Buns and Guns XT. Achieve a toned and lifted gluteus maximus desired by most participant with Buns and Guns XT. Chiseled biceps and triceps are also possible with this 31-minute workout regimen.

Muay Thai. This 40-minute program is based off the MMA combat technique taught in Thailand.

Cross Core Combat. This 46-minute workout consists of numerous kicks to help achieve cardiovascular health and strength training.

Cardio XT. This 46-minute program is designed to make participants sweat.

Legs and Back. Build leg definition, sculpt the back and give the behind a lift with this 40-minute workout.

In addition to the 12 MMA workouts, there is also a strike training DVD, a nutritional guide, a fitness guide, a workout calendar, a 10-day slim down plan, a training band, a t-shirt and a towel. The resistance bands are used in shoulder workouts.

tapout xt workout

What is Good About TapouT XT?

Challenging. The program is challenging and fun. Most people are pleased with the program.

Convenient. The DVDs can be transported to other locations to workout. Home-based workouts are easier with DVDs.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If customers are not satisfied, they can request their money back within 90 days.

What is Bad About TapouT XT?

Not as Portable as Hoped. While traveling, 12 DVDs is not optimal, but the program is more portable than other options.

Not For Beginners. The program is intense and may not be recommended beginners.


There are two programs. The basic program can be purchased for $120 with three installments of $39.95. The deluxe edition can be purchased for $240 with three monthly installments of $79.95.


This workout regimen is not as intense as some, but it may be slightly challenging for the beginner. The good news is that if it is too difficult, there is a 90-day full refund. The program is not recommended for someone who does not want to do the work. The DVDs must be followed to achieve the results promised by the instructor.

Since each individual responds differently to different training regimen, the results will vary. Most customers are satisfied with the product and give very few negative remarks. In general, the program is fun, challenging and effective when used according to the instructions. There will be some soreness associated with the resistance and strength training portion, but in general, the soreness is normal for any strength training workout with this level of intensity.

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