A Home Workout Plan for Every Stay Home Parent or Remote Worker

by Michael Brown on October 24, 2019

at home workout plan

For the frequently busy among us, finding an effective exercise routine means juggling the needs of your physical body with the time you have available, and finding the time to work out can seem just as difficult as what you do during the act itself. This is where an at home workout plan can help. They are becoming more and more popular because they rely upon a level of discipline that, once honed, can be applied to many other areas of your life. The positive effects build over time, along with your sense of satisfaction for sticking to your goal.  

What is an at Home Workout Plan?

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An at home workout plan is any kind of workout routine that challenges you to use the force of gravity and/or a few simple tools to strengthen/tone your muscles. It can have a variety of intensity levels and is easily tailored to your unique fitness needs. There are apps you can use, different forms you can try, and varying durations you can incorporate so that taking ownership of your fitness becomes a joy and not a chore.

Are at Home Workout Plans Effective?

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The at home workout plan is as effective as you choose to make it. Simply put, you decide your level of involvement. If you have trouble finding motivation or the 'just do it' adage doesn't quite do it for you, then it may be wise to seek out a professional. Even if it's just for a brief period, a trainer (virtual or otherwise) can help you establish an at home workout plan that will maximize the positive effects of your regimen while at the same time minimizing injury.

Building Your at Home Workout Plan

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Here are some examples of things you can do with your at home workout plan:

Starting Out

Choose the types of exercises you want to include based on the muscles you're interested in building. To start though, it's important to be holistic. This means having a full-body workout in your back pocket. Some examples of effective full body exercises include: push-ups, jumping jacks, holding a plank pose, wall sitting, crunches, and triceps dips. 

Don't Forget to Stretch

In addition to these more labor intensive options, it's a good idea to incorporate a stretching routine that could include practices like yoga, pilates, or tai chi. This will help you stay limber.

Step It Up

You won't see results unless you challenge yourself. Once you're comfortable with the exercises you're doing, try adding a few more or spending more time on each one.


How many tools or workout assisting devices you use after this is up to you. A good flexible strap can come in handy. or you could consider a pull-up bar for your home or office space. Remember: the composition of an at home workout plan is yours to decide. Take all parts of your health into consideration, and if you have any health concerns, consult with a doctor. This way you'll stay safe throughout the process and achieve your maximum potential.   

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