Top 5 Running Belts to Keep Your Stuff Safe and Secure

by Michael Brown on August 12, 2019

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Chances are the most obnoxious thing about running is that you can’t keep your valuables with you easily. Most high-quality running gear won’t have the sort of secure pockets you’re looking for to keep your phone and wallet with you safely. When it comes down to it, you’re going to need a specific accessory to the most important stuff on you at all times.

It’s Time to Get a Running Belt Running belts are a piece of gear designed to both be comfortable to wear and hold all your important items for frequent jogs. Phones, wallets, keys, passports, even various paraphernalia to help with your run can be easily stashed in a non-intrusive way. The longer your run, the more you may want to prepare for, especially if you’re not planning to be anywhere close to civilization.

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How We Choose the Best Running Belts

We want to be sure that we’re picking out the best running belts that suit your sense of style and function. Each running belt needs to top the list when it comes to a few important qualities.

  • Quality: Anyone can make a belt out of cheap materials. You need something better than just cheap, though, don’t you? You need something that you can run for hours with and still feel comfortable in. Something durable, well-made, and knit together with your body’s comfort in mind. Whether it be heat, rain, or snow, the running belt needs to weather or at least designed for the environment you plan to be in.
  • Storage: You’ll need plenty of options and space to hold everything. Large packs, small packs, packs designed for cards, phones, and the like – a running belt is nothing without plenty of space for everything you need for a run. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t go for marathon jogs, then a minimal design should do you just fine. But maybe you don’t want to be out in the world with only a few bucks and no wallet to help. However long your runs tend to be, you should have the storage to compensate.
  • Accessories: You may be looking for something that has a few more bells and whistles than your basic variety of running belt. You might be interested in one that can hold a water bottle or two for rehydration, or a specific slot for your phone to listen to music. The more function a running belt has, the merrier.
  • Reviews: We’re going to be cross-referencing every item on this list, checking to see how their customers respond to the product. We’ll see what they liked, what they didn’t like, and how the reviews in total stand for the reliability of the running belt.
  • Pricing: The best running belts are going to be a mix of good quality and an affordable price tag.

Top 5 Running Belts to Keep Your Stuff Safe and Secure

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Whatever ends up striking your fancy, what’s most important is that the running belt will keep everything you take with you secured.

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The FlipBelt is one of the best aesthetically sound, minimalistic entries that’ll come on this list. Most running belts will feature a sizeable fanny pack of some design, which can be hit-or-miss with how they make you look on the run. The FlipBelt breaks from that tradition with a seamless, Spandex-Lycra material tube design.

The FlipBelt has no clasps or velcro to secure it around your waist, instead of being a single elastic band that comes in a variety of sizes for a variety of bodies. With four separate entry points, you can slide in whatever you want to take with you: phones, keys, wallets, money, cards, whatever. Once they’re secure, you then flip the belt inside out, securing the belt against your body and preventing anything from falling out. Its smooth, yoga strap-like structure allows it to blend in easily with your clothing.

The elastic, fitted design prevents it from sliding down, jostling, or riding up while on the move. The lack of bouncing or shaking, combined with a non-chafing material, makes it one of the most comfortable running belts on the market. While it may not come with the bells and whistles of attachable water bottles and the like, the FlipBelt provides the security, comfort, and look you’re looking for. And, if you’re not comfortable with the openings being so open, the FlipBelt also has a zipper version for extra security.

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Chances are, most of the running belts you find on the market are going to look like a high-spec fanny pack. They may not be the same that your parents would wear when they took you to Disneyland when you were ten, but it might feel like it if you choose the wrong belt. The Runtasty Running Fuel Belt distinguishes itself from the crowd by subverting the fanny pack look. To do this, they turned the front of the belt into a sweat-proof, touchscreen-enabled phone carrier, allowing you to access your phone without removing it from storage.

This allows you to readily change your music, podcast, or fitness app with ease. Even with the front taken up by your phone, the running belt also comes with two large pockets for storage, allowing easy organization of your gear. Two water bottles come attached to the side of the belt, 8.5 ounces each, to keep you hydrated for your run. The belt itself is designed with gel-based, anti-slip technology on the interior, enforcing a snug fit and negating any bouncing, shaking, or loosening you might otherwise experience.

The neoprene material that makes up the rest of the belt is waterproof, ensuring full protection of whatever you bring with you from sweat or other water hazards you may encounter. The Runtasty Running Fuel Belt only comes in one size, and unfortunately, it’s not a one-size-fits-all sort of deal. Ideal for waist sizes, both men and women between 27” and 46”, this running belt offers the convenience, protection, and comfort that you’re looking for. You might not want to use it for any races, though. Sometimes the water bottle holders are a little too effective at their job.

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While this running belt doesn’t scream high-spec, technologically innovative, or unique design, it does the one thing it intends to do: secure your belongings. Not every running belt needs to be the next evolution of the brand. The Aqua Quest KONA Running Belt does not claim to surpass its competition in every category. It doesn’t need to. What it offers is the comfort of you knowing for full certainty that whatever you store in it will be kept safe.

The KONA running belt is extremely lightweight, allowing it to be worn and hardly noticed as you take your regular jog. It has a seamless design, which enhances its overall comfort and durability, and presents a water-resistant package to be used in any sort of weather or environment safely. Due to its lightweight design and lack of extraneous appliances, it’s easy to conceal beneath your clothes. Chances are you won’t find a more water-resistant product on the market. Due to its water-resistant zipper, seamless design, and carefully chosen materials, its guaranteed to keep your belongings in pristine condition – as long as you don’t jump in a lake.

Even if you do notice you’re wearing it, at 2.6 ounces it’ll be easy to miss. It’s designed to be soft, flexible, and conform to your body to reduce and negate chafing and discomfort. The straps are adjustable and can fit to waists between 27” to 52”. To call it basic would usually be an insult, but the KONA running belt doesn’t aim to be the most eccentric running belt on the market. It’s straightforward, attractive, and single-mindedly designed with your valuables in mind. Customers by and large appreciate this running belt, but every now and then, you might have a little bit of trouble with it loosening itself.

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So we’re going to dip into the “concealed zipper” of running belts here. As a product designed for any sex, this running belt prides itself on being a comfortable, roomy option for jogging storage. Let’s expand on the “concealed zipper” comment. The Stashbandz Running Belt has four total pockets: two in the front, two in the back.

They make use of the entire sizeable fabric to give you the most storage space possible for all your needs. Whether they be for phones, wallets, keys, snacks, or anything else portable you may need, this running belt will comfortably keep them secure. All of these pockets have an overlapping flap to hide the zipper, ensuring your items’ safety. Jumping off of comfort, chances are you’ll forget you’re even wearing these while out jogging.

Designed using a high-quality fabric to enhance the comfort, durability, and movement of the running belt, you’ll be able to use this belt and forget you’re even wearing it. The fabric soaks up moisture, cools your body, and fends off bacteria from dirtying your valuables. The Stashbandz brand values its quality and performance, and it shows with their customer response.

By and large, the majority of those who have purchased this product have discovered it provides an ideal running experience. It isn’t quite for everyone, however. Make sure to check with their sizes first on their website before purchasing to ensure you have one that will fit you. If it doesn’t, it may ride up or bounce on your run.

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Want to go for a jog but don't want to juggle your phone and keys? Tired of trying to manage all of your items while on the run? The Original SPIbelt is perfect for carrying all of your necessities so you can concentrate on running hands-free and carefree. This running pack is made to hold and protect your phone, keys, earbuds, wallet, cash, credit cards, gels, or other essentials, and can be used while running, working out, jamming out at a music festival, or traveling the world! You'll no longer have to choose between leaving your things behind when you go running or feeling weighed down by your stuff. The Original SPIbelt will keep everything safe and secure within arm's reach.

The Original SPIbelt is a dedicated runner's dream, and it's also great for a variety of other workout routines. It is with you every step of the way and eliminates pocket-less problems that most exercise gear has. Use it while running, walking, hiking, at the gym, during everyday errand runs, at workout classes, or during ab routines.

Buyer’s Guide: Always Research Before You Buy

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The important thing before any purchase is to ensure that what you’re buying is right for you. Whether it’s for function or for size, double-checking the product listing or their website to ensure everything is as you’re expecting should be your first step. Remember, always look out to understand what the product offers.

  • Quality
  • Storage
  • Accessories

Read the customer reviews, see how much it costs, and then you’ll be confident in your final decision.

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