The Ultimate Clean Eating Food List

by Michael Brown on October 24, 2019

clean eating food list

Clean eating is the process by which you can take charge of your diet. It becomes your task to only put food into your body that is minimally processed and super healthy. To execute this process seamlessly, you can create a clean eating food list for yourself that you can then stick to when making your shopping and eating choices. As we proceed, we'll talk about why the clean eating food list can help you out immensely when changing your diet and lifestyle for the better. With any luck, you'll be on your way to a happier, more energized life that will expand the capacity of what you're capable of.

What is Clean Eating?

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Clean eating is making a commitment to eating a well-balanced diet that includes whole foods or products that only have a few natural or organic ingredients. In addition, it means eating the correct proportion of nutrients from a diversity of quality sources. It means you become interested in food chemistry and how what you consume and in what quantity can affect your overall wellbeing.

What Are the Guidelines of a Clean Eating Food List?

Here are some key points to remember when creating your clean eating food list. The first is to include more organic fruits and vegetables than you think you should include. Next, whenever you look at a prepared food package, be sure to notice how many ingredients it lists. If it has items you can't pronounce, it's a good idea to look elsewhere. There are some exceptions though. Some ingredients with complex words will have what it's derived from in parentheses. Or another example is when they list something like "citric acid" which they might include in parentheses is just Vitamin C.

Minimizing Your Sugar Intake

Sugary products were once prized for how difficult they were to make and how much energy they gave you. These days we know better. Though sugary foods and drinks can be a nice boost every now and then, they're not a regular component of a clean eating food list. Even when they are, it's better when the sugar they use is naturally derived cane sugar and not overly processed white sugar. A similar rule applies for salt. Sea salt is a much better source to go with than the more traditional iodized salt.

Paleo Tendencies

In some cases, elements of the Paleo diet could be included on your clean eating food list. This is because according to the Paleo diet, you're not to eat anything that wouldn't have been available to prehistoric man in the Paleolithic period. These foods are going to be naturally more healthy because they are by and large whole foods that have been minimally processed. This is because there was no such thing as complex food processing back then. So if you're thinking of going Paleo but not sure if you want to jump in, consider cleaning up your eating habits with a clean eating food list before you take the plunge.

Why Should You Eat Clean?

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There is a whole host of benefits to eating clean. We'll go into some of those in our list below, though it's worth mentioning that the more strictly you stick to your clean eating food list, the more pronounced these positive benefits will be.

Losing Weight

A lot of processed foods are made with any and every kind of low quality filler. These are great for the bottom line of the food producer, but not so great for your body's health and wellbeing. Frequently, substances like high fructose corn syrup are used as a syrupy filler. Also anything that's "partially hydrogenated" means that whatever oil they've used has been blasted with hydrogen, making it harder to digest and more likely for your body to store as fat. When you commit to clean eating, you're actively avoiding these compounds because they're so unnatural and have no place on your clean eating food list.

Sugar Levels Go Down

Avoiding sugary foods can help you avoid the disastrous effects of diabetes. Not only this, but you're also not caught up in the cycle of rush/crash when it comes to excessive sugar intake, which by itself can be extraordinarily hard on your body. Also you'll be more able to keep your cholesterol and blood sugar levels in a target range. This can help with more than just diabetes management. It can also help you maintain a high quality of heart health.

Heart Health

And while we're talking about maintaining a healthy heart, it should be worth noting that your clean eating food list will probably include nuts if you're not allergic. Large quantities of nuts can be a helping hand when it comes to increasing your body's Vitamin E intake. This essential vitamin also helps regulate a healthy heart. Vitamin E, plus an abundance of sustained physical activity, can help keep blood clots at bay.

Better State of Mind

When your body has to exude less energy to process food, it has more energy. When you have more energy, your mood naturally elevates because you have more in reserve as you go about your day. Thanks to following your clean eating food list, you'll be on your way to welcoming more joy into your life and experiencing less angst. You'll also be able to improve your memory the more you add foods like fish into your regimen, which contains healthy fatty acids that contribute to brain function.

Nutrients for Dense Bones and Nails

The density of quality nutrients in whole foods will give you the opportunity for your bones and nails to become strong. This is great for preventing injury as well as giving you peace of mind from nagging aches and pains related to your skeletal system. Your nails will also look healthy.

You'll Sleep Better

Have you ever had nightmares from eating too much ice cream? This is just one example of how an overly processed food can cause you to lose sleep. Cutting out harmful foods from your diet can give you a new lease on sleep. This in turn will help you more closely follow your clean eating food list during your waking hours. They call this a cycle of positive re-enforcement.

Better Overall Digestion

Eating clean means less stress on your digestive system and an overall healthier gut. It means that you'll be consuming food well into your later years. Preserving your means of transforming energy from one form to a form that supports your body's wellbeing can seem like an obvious task of importance. And it's one that clean eating solves with ease.

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A Clean Eating Food List

When committing to clean eating there are some foods that are mainstays. A lot of the time clean eating might mean cutting back on red meat and increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Below we'll go into some more examples.

Organic Leafy Greens

In addition to helping you with your fiber intake, leafy greens are great for your heart and brain, and you can virtually never get enough of them.

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Nuts and Fish

These two pair well for energy. Nuts have lots of iron which puts more oxygen in your blood. At the same time, eating fish is eating one of the leanest proteins there is. And the consumption of fish also improves your memory and brain function.

Fruits and Whole Grains

A good granola bowl with berries can get the job done here. Fruits are great for keeping your immune function high. In addition, whole grains are great for long lasting energy.

Some whole grains are complete proteins in their own right. This means they contain all the essential amino acids that the body needs. A great example of this is quinoa. It was consumed for centuries by the ancient Incan civilization in South America and contributed to their longevity.

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Yogurt and Pro-Biotics

This also helps keep your gut bacteria in good working order. It's essential that your gut bacteria be kept healthy, because they help you digest certain things that your body cannot. Yogurt is great for maintaining healthy levels of gut bacteria, which in turn aids in your own digestion.

Teas and Tonics

Green tea especially can be a great way to give your body an antioxidant boost. Foods high in antioxidants help protect your cells and keep them whole in the face of environmental factors and from the beating that digestive enzymes and acids can sometimes have on your system. So feel free to incorporate them into your clean eating food list.

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We hope that in the process of reading this information, you are now better equipped to create a clean eating food list of your own. It may seem clich├ęd, but it's true that your optimal health is your very best wealth. It's something that you can carry with you throughout your life and it can be the foundation upon which you take on other physical endeavors.

So get on a clean eating track and be thrilled at what you can accomplish after that. Who knows, the decision to eat this way may contribute to you doing something as impressive as running a marathon or losing an incredible amount of weight that you thought was impossible. Here's to your health!

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