Insanity Asylum Workout Review

by Michael Brown on July 21, 2012

Insanity Asylum is one of the best and most intense resistance workout programs on the market. The high energy and highly effective workout was designed by former track and field star, Shaun Thompson who is often referred to as Shaun T. Shaun T. is university-trained in sports science, has a minor in theatre and dance and has worked with the L.A. Lakers. He incorporates his extensive knowledge into a program that is fun, energizing and delivers results in a non-traditional way.

insanity asylum reviewPros of Insanity Asylum

  • Thirty-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Three Easy Pay Installments
  • Results in 30 Days
  • Highly Portable Equipment
  • Total Body Workout

Cons of Insanity Asylum

  • Requires a Certain Level of Fitness Prior to Participation
  • An Additional Cost for More Equipment – Chin-Up Bar, Stirrups and Resistance Bands


Some level of fitness is required before participating in most of Shaun T.’s fitness programs. Insanity Asylum is no exclusion. The program requires 30 days of dedication to deliver results. During this time, participants will increase speed , agility, jumping heights and overall fitness. People who are not ready to push their fitness levels to the limit should not try this program. The good news is that there is a 30-day money back guarantee if the program is too intense.

This highly effective program takes its participants through rigorous fit testing to ensure each participant’s speed and agility increases. The fit test requires the use of the Agility Ladder. The ladder is placed on the floor and is used for fitness exercises. As the participant engages in the exercises, agility and speed are improved.

Some of the most common exercises in the fit test include: Agility Heisman, In and Out Ab Progression, Lat Pushups or Pull Ups, Mountain Climber Switch Kicks, Agility Shoulder Taps, X Jumps, Moving Push Ups, Agility Lateral Shuffle and Agility Bear Crawl.

With minimal equipment required, users can transport the work out DVDs to nearly any location. Most participants praise the level of attention paid to cardiovascular training, strength building, stretching and abdominal muscles. The workout program is comprehensive and effective.

People would not subject themselves to the grueling program if it did not work. Participants have proven that it does deliver results if the directions are followed for 30 days.

What is Included in the Insanity Asylum Package?

The Insanity Asylum contains six DVDs, a cross-training workout calendar, a guide playbook, a nutrition plan, athletic performance assessment tools and a 15-minute “Over-Time” DVD. The six DVDs cover:

Speed and Agility. This 45-minute fast and intense cardio workout is designed to build endurance and increase speed and agility. For 45 minutes be prepared to work, sweat and prepare the body to be defined through strength training.

Vertical Plyo. This 40-minute DVD trains participants to jump higher and build lower body muscles. Over time, participants’ lower bodies will become more defined.

Relief. Throughout the program, there will be scheduled periods of relief. The stretching exercises will help to build long and lean muscles. The Relief DVD will also increase flexibility. For 25 minutes, participants enjoy a break from Shaun T.’s typical intensity levels.

Strength. For 50 minutes, participants work on developing what Shaun T. prefers to call “game-winning” power. This is accomplished by using weights and resistance. Participants will prepare their bodies to reach new fitness levels with the Strength DVD.

Game Day. This 60-minute workout allows participants to use everything they have learned and test their skills. This workout will reveal progress levels and encourage participants to do more and work harder.

Back To Core. Everyone wants that “rock-solid core” that Shaun T. has in the instructional video. For 45 minutes, Shaun T. works the glutes, hamstrings and abdominals to shape the body into a beautifully chiseled work of art.

Equipment Required

Agility Ladder. Purchasers of Insanity Asylum will receive an Agility Ladder. This ladder is used for a variety of purposes including helping participants with dexterity. Participants improve their ability to move quickly through a series of challenges. The participant’s reflexes become more responsive, and the body remains alert with the agility ladder. The equipment is included in the cost of the program.

Speed Rope. Speed rope or jump rope is designed to build endurance, agility and also foot speed. In 30-days of using the jump rope, increased agility and a stronger body will be achieved. The speed rope is used to help participants achieve bodies similar to pro-athletes. Any activity performed after 30-days of training with the speed rope will be easier and faster.

insanity asylum workout


Advantages of Insanity Asylum

Pay in Three Easy Installments. Participants can enjoy the program by paying three easy installments. A quality workout can be obtained by anyone who can afford $29.95 per month for three months.

Highly Portable Equipment. Some people want to work out in a gym, but they travel too much for a membership. A home workout is often the best solution. The agility ladder and speed rope can be stored in a bag easily. If the hotel does not have a gym, a good workout can still be achieved. With Shaun T.’s workout solution, there is no excuse not to be in optimal shape.

Result in 30 Days. In thirty days, the workout will be complete, and the results will be evident by looking at the participant’s body. Former participants recommend sending Shaun T. a before and after photograph to show the progress.

Less Expensive Than Other Solutions Insanity is preferred because it is less expensive than other solutions. Users enjoy achieving their ideal body at a fraction of the cost.

Disadvantages of Insanity Asylum

Requires a Certain Level of Fitness Prior to Participation. This program is not recommended for the beginner with no level of fitness. People without some level of endurance will become frustrated with Insanity Asylum.

An Additional Cost for More Equipment. Chin-Up Bar, stirrups and resistance Bands require an additional investment, but the cost for inclusion is still less than similar workout DVDs programs on the market.


Insanity Asylum costs approximately $90 plus $14.95 for shipping and handling. Purchasers can obtain the DVDs for three monthly installments of $30 each. This DVDs are affordable and worth the investment for most people who have used the program.


Insanity Asylum requires dedication and hard work to achieve results. This program is recommended only to those who are ready to commit. Even fit people have invested in Shaun T.’s workout programs and have had difficulty completing certain aspects. Shaun T. will push participants to the limit and help them achieve a dream body similar to pro-athletes.

The best part about the program is that it is portable and only consists of six DVDs. An online download would be better than six DVDs for portability, but six DVDs is more portable than 12. Overall, most reviewers are pleased with Insanity Asylum and would recommend the DVDs to others.


Top 3 Tips for Bodybuilding Workout Routines

by Michael Brown on July 20, 2012

The top three tips for bodybuilding workout routines are: implementing change, consuming optimal fuel, and allowing adequate recovery. These three crucial tips for your workout will promise you the results you are after.

The first tip is change. Change your routine at least every 2 weeks. You must change your routine to avoid a plateau. A plateau is simply a place where balance has been achieved and the body has acclimated to that balance. The challenge now is to push past the plateaus in order to move the body into a new stage of growth. Plateaus are inevitable and all athletes experience them. The trick is to break through them and to realize that there are no limits, only plateaus, and those plateaus must be pushed past and conquered. In order to change your bodybuilding routine bump up the weight, change the order of the exercises, change the amount of rest in between sets, or speed the repetitions. Be creative and know that change is what inspires growth and progress.

The second tip is to pay close attention to the timing of your fuel intake pre and post workout. These two times of the day, more than any other time, are the most important times to pay attention to if you want to see visible changes. Pre-workout meals should be a slow-digesting carbohydrate such as salad, beans, or fruit. This pre-workout meal should be eaten 2 or 3 hours before the workout. After the workout is accomplished the body is in need of repair. Protein is key after a hard workout. A fast-acting whey protein shake will do the trick. Your muscles will thank you for it and you will feel fantastic. Plus, your body will begin the recovery process, which will make you leaner and stronger.

The third and final tip is the most important. Adequate recovery. Often times the mentality of an athlete is to speed up instead of slow down. There is almost a fear that slowing down will make an athlete weaker. The opposite is true. Adequate recovery and rest can send progress soaring. When the body has time to recover, release adequate amounts of the human growth hormone, and repair muscle fibers, it becomes a machine. Your body will change in ways you have always wanted it to. Rest is crucial. Take one day off a week. If you must take an active rest then make it a play day and go to the beach, swim, throw a Frisbee, play with the dog, do whatever you love but allow your muscles that you work so hard to build repair and strengthen themselves so that you can enter into the next week at an even higher level. You will be so happy that you allowed proper recovery when you see the amazing results.


TapouT XT ® Review

by Michael Brown on July 19, 2012

TapouT XT® has been tested and proven effective by the best MMA fighters in the industry. The combination of kicks, punches and yoga will have every participant in fighting condition in a short period of time. TapouT XT will help participants to build muscle and burn fat for a complete and total body workout. In 90 days, participants will be in “fighting” shape or they can receive their money back.

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tapout xt reviewPros of TapouT XT:

  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Convenience of Working Out at Home
  • Total Body Workout That Combines Multiple Disciplines
  • Teaches Self Defense through Exercise
  • Uses Yoga in Combination with Martial Arts

Cons of TapouT XT:

  • Not as Portable with 12 DVDs
  • Super Intense 90-day Program (Don’t order it if you don’t want to work for it)


TapouT XT is recommended for people who want to achieve a body similar to a MMA fighter. The program can help people burn fat, develop lean muscle mass and define their abdominal muscles. Professional trainer Mike Kapenko will lead at-home participants on their 90-day journey to MMA fighter success.

The program uses cardiovascular workouts, power training, core training, strength training and yoga to help participants develop bodies similar to MMA fighters. The program uses 12 DVDs and some simple equipment to guide participants to fitness success. The DVDs range in intensity from basic to intense. Each day, a new one hour workout is presented to build endurance and keep participants from getting bored.

The program is not meant for those people who are looking for shortcuts to achieving the perfect body. TapouT XT will require work to enhance each participant’s metabolism and help participants burn up to 1,200 calories every workout session. Mike uses the RIPP principle to accomplish this with his participants.

The entire workout can be a substitute for any gym workout. For those who travel, the DVDs are portable, and the workout can easily be conducted in a hotel room if necessary. Mike is the lead trainer on every DVD, one of the most popular of which being the Plyo XT which is a 51-minute lower body workout.

TapoutT XT is intended to be an advanced workout. The program is recommended for people who desire to work hard, sweat and work on specific muscle groups to achieve results. The program focuses on achieving balanced muscle growth over the entire body.

Mike uses mixed martial arts to push participants to the limit and achieve the desired results. The moves may also be used for self-defense. The program is desirable for this reason also.

Exercise alone will not achieve results. Mike includes information on meal plans to help users manage their diet and maximize the efforts of their physical routine. When the total body is considered in the fitness program, participants have a greater chance of success and achieving the body they desire.

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Before starting the program, it is strongly recommended that each participant speak with their physician prior to starting the program. If doctors determine there are no health conditions, participants are recommended to train to their upper limits.

What is Included in TapouT XT Program?

The program consists of 12 DVDs. Each DVD has a set of workouts to help participants achieve the body they deserve. The program follows the principles of Rapid-Fire, Interval, Precision and Power (RIPP). Some of the popular workouts on the DVDs include:

Plyo XT. This 51-minute lower body workout is led by the creator of TapouT XT. This portion of the workout regimen is highly effective and popular with most participants. Tuck jumps in this workout will prepare users for box jumps in the next DVD.

Strength and Force Upper. This 54-minute workout is all about maximum strength training and upper body training. There are numerous squats incorporated into this workout regimen. Push-ups and sit-ups are also featured in many workouts including the strength and force upper body DVD. Shoulder and arm endurance are also built in this workout.

Yoga XT. Yoga XT is the 51-minute portion of the workout program that uses challenging Yoga poses to work the hamstrings and calves. Through downward dogs and planking, participants can define muscles through a method that is not strenuous.

Sprawl and Brawl Workout. This 46-minute video will teach some self-defense moves including the step forward hook elbow.

Ripped Conditioning. To get “ripped” with this program no weights or pull ups are required. The extreme conditioning program is 41 minutes and will help achieve the perfect body.

Ultimate Abs XT. This 15-minute abdominal workout is essential to achieving chiseled abdominals.

Competition Core. Add definition to your abdominals with the 47-minute workout regimen specifically targeting abs.

Buns and Guns XT. Achieve a toned and lifted gluteus maximus desired by most participant with Buns and Guns XT. Chiseled biceps and triceps are also possible with this 31-minute workout regimen.

Muay Thai. This 40-minute program is based off the MMA combat technique taught in Thailand.

Cross Core Combat. This 46-minute workout consists of numerous kicks to help achieve cardiovascular health and strength training.

Cardio XT. This 46-minute program is designed to make participants sweat.

Legs and Back. Build leg definition, sculpt the back and give the behind a lift with this 40-minute workout.

In addition to the 12 MMA workouts, there is also a strike training DVD, a nutritional guide, a fitness guide, a workout calendar, a 10-day slim down plan, a training band, a t-shirt and a towel. The resistance bands are used in shoulder workouts.

tapout xt workout

What is Good About TapouT XT?

Challenging. The program is challenging and fun. Most people are pleased with the program.

Convenient. The DVDs can be transported to other locations to workout. Home-based workouts are easier with DVDs.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If customers are not satisfied, they can request their money back within 90 days.

What is Bad About TapouT XT?

Not as Portable as Hoped. While traveling, 12 DVDs is not optimal, but the program is more portable than other options.

Not For Beginners. The program is intense and may not be recommended beginners.


There are two programs. The basic program can be purchased for $120 with three installments of $39.95. The deluxe edition can be purchased for $240 with three monthly installments of $79.95.


This workout regimen is not as intense as some, but it may be slightly challenging for the beginner. The good news is that if it is too difficult, there is a 90-day full refund. The program is not recommended for someone who does not want to do the work. The DVDs must be followed to achieve the results promised by the instructor.

Since each individual responds differently to different training regimen, the results will vary. Most customers are satisfied with the product and give very few negative remarks. In general, the program is fun, challenging and effective when used according to the instructions. There will be some soreness associated with the resistance and strength training portion, but in general, the soreness is normal for any strength training workout with this level of intensity.


Top 3 Celebrity Workout Routines

by Michael Brown on July 18, 2012

When it comes to working out and getting fit, who doesn’t want to be a star? While the average American waist line continues to grow, somehow celebrities are managing to stay as fit and trim as ever. While we can’t all be expected to dedicate the time and energy to our weight as the stars are mandated to for their career, by stealing a few tips from celebrity trainers we too can develop some of the adored features that are topping the covers of this season’s ‘best of’ magazines.

When you read about celebrity workout routines they are typically broken up into categories. One magazine might report that a particular routine will get you Anne Hathaway’s derrière, while another article claims that another routine will adorn you with Chris Hemsworth’s muscular physique. When it comes to working out, breaking down fitness routines to target certain muscle groups is only going to take you so far. For the best results you want to find a full body workout that will help you burn fat and build muscle over your entire body.

Here are the top three celebrity-endorsed full body workouts that can help you get in shape this summer:

1. Kettlebell Workout: Promoted by celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Katherine Heigl and Chris Hemsworth, the kettlebell workout is no joke. This workout uses a kettle shaped weight to implement strength conditioning mixed with interval training. This workout involves different movements and stances to engage muscles in both your upper and lower body, as well as your abdomen. You will need to maintain upper arm control as you swing the kettlebell out and hold your arms straight in front of you, and you will feel the burn in your thighs as you do squats with a kettlebell weight. Kettlebell classes are offered in gyms nationwide, and with just a few simple bits of equipment you can try the workout at home, too.

2. Parkour: If you have tuned into Ninja Warrior this year, then you would have noticed the physical fitness level required for parkour athletes. Also known as free running, this is an aerobic and strength building workout that requires you to run, jump, climb and flip until you absolutely can’t anymore. This workout has been promoted by muscle laden stars like Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Brown, and is without a doubt one workout that will get every inch of your body in shape. Don’t try Parkour on your own without any training or backup support. The flips can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, with all of the popularity in the activity classes are popping up all around the country. With the help of a trainer you’ll likely be surprised all the jumps you can make!

3. Gladiator School: One of the newest trends to emerge on the scene is the gladiator workout, and it is exactly what it sounds like. George Clooney, Neal Patrick Harris, Julia Roberts and Leonardo DiCaprio have all jumped on board this workout which involves a lot of sword fighting. The heavy equipment used in the fights and the quick footwork it takes to be talented at sword fighting make this a full body workout that is also a lot of fun. You don’t need to don a tunic to learn to sword fight. There are fencing classes available absolutely anywhere, and you can even learn some of the foot movements by trying out sword fighting video games on all of the popular video game consoles.


Insanity Workout Review

by Michael Brown on July 17, 2012

Insanity is one of the best resistance training workout DVDs currently on the market. Shaun T., the fitness instructor, makes Insanity fun and exciting by adding energizing music and dance moves to the fitness program. He incorporates moves to work the abdominals and glutes in non-traditional ways. In 60 days, participants can accomplish with Shaun T. what takes other programs a year to accomplish. The workouts are effective and entertaining.

insanity reviewPros of Insanity

  • Thirty-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Three Installment Payments of $39.95
  • Exercise in the Comfort of Your Home
  • Free Online Support
  • Elite Nutrition Plan Included

Cons of Insanity

  • Not Recommended for Beginners
  • 12 DVDs to Store


After six days per week and one hour per day training for 60 days, participants can achieve the chiseled look that Shaun T. has in the video. There is no major equipment required for the fitness program. Most of the abdominal training is accomplished while standing up and through aerobics. The innovative program considered all aspects of training including: Aerobics, strength training, diet and nutrition guides and a workout calendar to keep participants on track.

The workout is intense and is not recommended for the beginner. People with joint problems also should not participate. Participants of this program must have incredible will-power, dedication and some level of endurance before beginning the program.

Shaun T. will challenge the participants through the video, but participants can follow the DVDs at their own pace. The program, however, only guarantees to deliver the results promised in 60 days if it is followed as the program is designed. Otherwise, the program will be ineffective or take longer to achieve the results.

The program is designed to build endurance and is based on a concept called “Max Interval Training.” The DVDs train people to go to their max limits without taking breaks and build stamina. People who are looking to lose weight and have a new way of life may want to consider Insanity as an option.

The first week is the most difficult week because the workout is so intense. It takes time to acclimate to the level of fitness Shaun T. demands. After the first week, participants start to notice results. This program is recommended for people who believe weight loss and fitness is about hard work.

What is Included in the Insanity Package?

Dig Deeper and Fit Test. This 30-minute fitness test is required throughout the 60-day training program to ensure the program is working. Results are tracked and measured from the beginning.

Plyometric Cardio Circuit. This 42-minute cardiovascular workout is designed for aerobic training. This workout will be used in the first month of the program.

Cardio Power and Resistance. This 40-minute workout focuses building strength in the upper body and also, building muscle definition. This program should also be used in the first month of the program.

Cardio Recovery and Max Recovery. This 33-minute program is designed to help participants recover from the more intense programs in the previous session. This helps participants remain strong throughout the program. This can be used in the first and second month of the program.

Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. This 55-minute program is designed to deliver an extreme cardio workout that will push the body to the limit. This DVD is used in the first month and second month.

Core Cardio and Balance. The 37-minute program is designed to provide a break in the program. This DVD will prepare the body for the intense program in second month of the program.

Max Interval Circuit and Fit Test. The 87-minute program is one of the most difficult cardiovascular workouts in the entire 12 DVD program. The program takes advantage of the endurance the participant has built in the first month.

Max Interval Plyo. This 55-minute program has challenging plyometric exercises for the legs. This DVD can be used in the second month.

Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs. This 65-minute program will strengthen the body and can be used in the second phase of the program.

Max Recovery. This 47-minute program guides the participant through training exercises. It helps the muscles to recover and the body to remain agile and strong through the rest of the program.

Fitness Guide. The fitness guide provides a synopsis of the program in an easy-to-read format.

Elite Nutrition Guide. This program will help participants make it through the 60 days by recommending food for energy and weight loss. The guide can be followed or can act as inspiration for other custom recipes.

Insanity Workout Calendar. The calendar describes how the DVDs should be used to achieve maximum results. The calendar allows participants to track progress and view the workout schedule clearly.

Free Online Support. Online support is provided by Beach Body. Participants with questions will receive prompt answers. Most people think the support is excellent. The support via phone, email and online chat is responsive.

insanity workout program

What Most People Like About Insanity

Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee. Try the program with a 30-day money back guarantee. If Shaun T. is too intense, return all the items and money will be refunded.

Pay In Three Installments. Three installments of $39.95 are required to complete payment of the program. The installments are more affordable than paying the full $120 upfront for complete access to the program.

Exercise in the Comfort of Your Home. While gym memberships allow people the opportunity to be social, some people simply need to focus in the comfort of their homes without distractions or self-conscious feelings.

What Most People Dislike About Insanity

Intense. Not Recommended For Beginners. The program is intense and it is not recommended for beginners. Many people cannot keep up with Shaun T. and simply return the DVDs within the 30-day time period. Luckily, there is a refund in the first 30 days.

Twelve DVDs. There 12 DVDs to keep up with throughout the duration of the program.


To obtain the Insanity DVDs, the cost will be $120 that can be paid in three installments of $39.95. There is a 30-day money back guarantee for people who simply cannot benefit from the program due to its intensity. Many people feel the program is worth the investment considering the intensity and proven ability to deliver results. The same workout in a gym would probably cost more.


The workouts are intense. Most people need 30 to 45 minutes after the workout to recover. You will sweat. Drink lots of fluids throughout the day to avoid exhaustion and dehydration. Since there are no repetition requirements, each participant must always train at their maximum capacity.

From warm up to cardio, Shaun T. addresses all aspects of the workout regimen. The program is effective if it is followed. Do not be discouraged. Even some trained people cannot complete the program as trained. Insanity is recommended for people who have the will-power and motivation to complete the workout.


The Hugh Jackman Workout Routine

by Michael Brown on July 16, 2012

Many people know of Hugh Jackman as a Hollywood star. He has earned accolades for his five-star roles in blockbusters such as, X-Men and Van Helsing. Wolverine, the stage name for Jackman on X-Men, has achieved a lot in terms of physical fitness. I have to admit that he appears more suited as a fitness trainer than a movie star.

Jackman is also the face behind the Hugh Jackman workout routine. It is a compilation of several fitness routines to pack a few muscles. It consists of exercises that Jackman underwent when preparing for X-Men. What is quite intriguing is the simplicity of the routine and how it rears such a physique. If there was ever a need for evidence of healthy living, then Jackman is the epitome of healthy living.

It is quite undeniable that he is in great shape. His workout routine consisted of three phases including mass building, weight lifting and strength building. The benefit of this workout regime is that you can stay lean while gaining muscles. The key to the success of Mr. Wolverine a.k.a Jackman’s routine was gaining muscles slowly.

This strategy was quite beneficial because it prevented him from gaining an unpleasant gargantuan figure. After all, too much of something is not good. Unlike the regular bodybuilder workout routines, Jackman avoided a radical workout exercise that would lump him with a bulky and slow physique. If you want to live healthy like Jackman, then watch what you eat.

The movie star’s meals consisted of lean proteins and vegetables. Six meals and 1000 calories were what constituted his diet. The role of calories is to maintain and build the mass of muscles. Jackman’s training routine encompassed three-second count-ups, 1-second countdowns and changing the lift speed. The exercises constituted the first phase of his training regime.

The second phase of the Hugh Jackman routine workout centers on lifting heavy weights. If you really fancy the workout, then you should ready yourself for no second counts during the phase. The main aim of the exercise is to accentuate body strength. Ideally, the first and second phase last for six weeks or three months at most.

When you get to the third phase, the exercise becomes a bit relaxed. According to me, this stage prepares you for the finish line. It is at this time that the products of your sweat begin to surface. Phase 3 involves a bit of weightlifting for 1 day. The other activities in this stage include pilates, yoga, stretching and running. Combined with a balanced diet, you are on the path to emulating Mr. Wolverine.

The main thing that you can harvest from the Hugh Jackman workout routine is a healthy body. Muscular and lean physiques have always been in vogue. It offers you a focused approach to training by segmenting the routine into three phases. Just like Jackman, you can set your mind to tackling one phase before delving into another.

The routine also contains some of the simplest exercises like leg presses, barbell lunges, squats and bench press. They are easy to master even when you are new to fitness workout programs. Laborious as the routine may seem, persistence will eventually get you into that Jackman-ish body shape. As Jackman says, you must always keep going under the fear of aging. I’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth; I think I’ll be investing in this routine pretty soon.


4 Reasons to Start a Full Body Workout Regimen

by Michael Brown on July 15, 2012

When it comes to working out, many of us attach to a certain type of workout like tennis or running and start doing that workout to the exclusion of everything else. However, while working out on a regular basis is a good thing, if you are not incorporating a full body workout program to your exercise regime on a regular basis, then you are actually not doing yourself any favors. Here are the top four reasons to start a full body workout regimen:

1. Reduced Risk of Injury

When you pick one sport and perform that exercise regularly, you are building up one area of your body and neglecting other, equally important areas of the body. Performing the same exercise repeatedly without changing up the workout and strengthening other muscles leads to an increased risk of repetitive use injuries, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

For example, if you run on a regular basis, you no doubt have legs of steel, but your hips and core may lack strength, which can actually lead to a greater risk of sports injuries. Runners are often prone to injuries such as IT Band Syndrome (ITBS), which causes pain along the hip and knee because the muscles are too weak to withstand the regular force and repetition caused by running. This issue is often resolved by strength training and overall body workouts that help strengthen muscles in the hips and abdomen as well as the legs.

When you incorporate whole body strength training to your workouts, you will gain a more balanced physique and better overall muscular strength.

2. Better Endurance

Life is not a spectator sport and the stronger and healthier you are, the more you can participate and enjoy it. Starting and maintaining a full body workout regimen, like P90X2, that includes both strength training and aerobic activity will help build your endurance and make life much easier and fun to enjoy.

Building your overall endurance will also allow you to participate in a wide variety of new sports and workouts that not only help build on your full body fitness but enjoy exposure to different activities and help prevent workout boredom and blah.

3. Increased Health

Everyone wants to be healthy, and starting a full body workout regimen can do more than just make you strong – it can help keep you healthy. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular exercise will help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and even some kinds of cancer.

You will also derive some serious mood benefits from working your whole body out regularly, since exercise increases your energy, reduces stress, lessens symptoms of insomnia and increases your confidence and self-esteem.

Sounds like even your doctor would approve of your new whole body workout program.

4. Weight Loss and Maintenance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell us that over 35 percent of all adults in America are overweight and in 2010, at least 12 states had obesity rates of over 30 percent.

The fact is, few of us want to be overweight, but diet alone will not get the weight off and keep it off. Diet in combination with a regular full body exercise program, however, will.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that you work out for approximately 1 hour five times a week in order to lose weight. The ACSM recommends a mix of cardio and strength training so that you exercise your entire body on a regular basis, increase your metabolism, burn body fat and decrease your overall body mass.

If you are already at a healthy weight, then the ACSM recommends between working out for an hour, two to four times a week, using full body strength and aerobic exercise to maintain your weight or achieve modest weight loss.

So let us see – performing a full body workout regimen will help keep you healthy, happy, strong and can even help you lose weight, sleep better, prevent injuries and lose weight. Sounds like it is time to start working out from head to toes and start enjoying some of those great benefits.


10 Minute Trainer Review

by Michael Brown on July 14, 2012

The 10 Minute Trainer is an innovative new system that has transformed the lives of over three million people around the world. This program is based on the P90X Workout System and is one of the most popular workout programs in the market. The 10 Minute Trainer is designed for the busy professional who travels often or who does not have time to work out. The concept is based on a specialized technique call Super Stacking.

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10 minute trainer reviewPros of 10 Minute Trainer

  • Only Requires 10 Minutes a Day
  • Easy to Transport to Any Location
  • Uses Super Stacking to Combine Cardiovascular, Sculpting and Toning
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Live Chat with Tony Horton

Cons of 10 Minute Trainer

  • Geared Toward People with Lower Fitness Levels
  • No Online Download


The 10 Minute Trainer is the answer for many busy professionals with not a lot of time to work out. Many users of this program are in hotels five or more days per week. They have hectic schedules and often do not get home to later in the evening.

Most people are not motivated to the gym after 9PM in the evening. This program is a good compromise and allows participants to receive the cardiovascular, strength and stretching they need while conserving time. Many people benefit from this program.

Super Stacking Technique is one of the reasons the 10-minute workout is effective. The program uses resistance bands to combine the most effective exercises into a compact 10-minute workout. The cardio, toning and sculpting are combined to maximize the effectiveness of the program.

Tony Horton is the master-mind behind this program that is based on his intense P90X program. He noticed and addressed the need of busy professionals when some people could not devote the time or effort to the P90X program.

Join the online community and engage in live chat with Tony Horton. Ask questions and determine how to improve and maximize the workout regimen. People buy because their questions are answered by the creator of the program.

With Tony Horton’s Workout Cards, participants can work out anywhere or any time without a DVD player. This is a life-saver for people who travel frequently and cannot guarantee there will be a DVD player available. The Workout Cards are standard with any purchase of the workout program.

The fitness training program is safe and effective. Participants have lost as many as 90 pounds by working out with the 10 Minute Trainer. Tony Horton’s methods are recommended to people of all fitness levels.

What is Included in The 10 Minute Trainer Package?

The training program includes eight different workouts on three different DVDs. The workouts include:

Total Body: This workout is designed to work over the entire body from head-to-toe in only 10 moves. In 10 minutes, viewers will feel more energized and build the endurance most people are seeking.

Total Body 2: This workout offers more exercises designed to work muscles of all types.

Cardio: In the cardio portion of the workout, simple kicking, punching and lunging are expected. The fat-burning mode is achieved quickly with this type of workout.

Core Cardio: Advanced kicking and lunging are the focus of this ten minute workout. Punching moves help to burn more fat.

Lower Body: This workout features 10 thigh and gluteus maximus-slimming exercises.

Upper Body: The upper body muscles are given a workout with this 10-minute program.

Yoga Flex: The yoga portion of the workout is designed to achieve long and lean muscles.

Abs Routine: The abs routine is often included on DVD as a bonus.

Customized Workout Calendar: This calendar outlines the program and provides recommendations for how to coordinate workouts. Proper coordination ensures that people get the most out of their workouts. The Super Stacking Technique can be maximized with this approach.

Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Meals: Tony Horton 10-Minute Meals recommend healthy cuisine to help users get the most from their workout. The recipes are also designed to save time. Participants save time on meals and exercises.

Rapid Results Guidebook: This guidebook is designed to help trainers maximize their results by providing answers about training and diet.

Free Online Access: This workout program offers an online community and peer support for questions and best practices.

10 minute trainer workoutEquipment Required for 10 Minute Trainer

The training program is highly portable and requires only two pieces of equipment to remain effective. The resistance band and cardio belt are required to add resistance and help participants burn more calories.

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Advantages of 10 Minute Trainer

Accomplish A Lot in Short Period of Time. This workout program allows participants to accomplish a lot in only 10 minutes. The program is preferred because nearly any person can dedicate 10 minutes per day.

Easy to Transport to Any Location. The training program can be easily packed into any suitcase along with the resistance bands and the cardio belt. The equipment is minimal and is included in the price of the workout DVDs.

Super Stack Technique. The Super Stack Technique combines cardio and resistance training in the same workout to provide the optimal experience for participants. The workout is more intense, but it accomplishes more in a shorter period of time.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Unsatisfied participants can receive their money back within 30 days. This protects customers who cannot handle the intensity or who need more of a challenge.

Free Yoga Bonus DVD. A free yoga DVD is included to help with the stretching portion of exercise. Participants can become more flexible while building muscle mass and strength.

Disadvantages of 10 Minute Trainer

Geared Toward People with Lower Fitness Levels. People who are in search of a high intensity workout may want to consider P90X instead. This workout is intended for people who need fitness but do not have the time to commit to it.

No Online Download. Online downloads make the program more mobile. Since there are no downloads available, users will have to transport the three DVDs to every location they visit. Additionally, the hotel or your computer must have a DVD player to actually workout in the hotel with DVDs. This is a convenience that may be added in the future.


The program is affordable. For $79.90, consumers can obtain all three DVDs and a bonus DVD. If users would prefer to pay in installments, two installments of $39.99 can be made each month. There is a money-back guarantee within 30 days for unsatisfied customers.


The 10 Minute Trainer is absolutely one of the best on the market for busy professionals. For 10 minutes, Tony Horton takes its participants through a variety of exercises. These exercises are targeted and intense to provide the best total body workout possible in ten minutes. The program is designed to bring the heart rate to a fat burning level in a short period of time. During the time, strength training is also incorporated.

Participants who are pressed for time and have a limited budget will love this program. Since three million people have purchased the program, there must be some validity behind this world-wide craze. With a 30-day money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose by trying it.


3 Recommended Workout Plans for Women

by Michael Brown on July 13, 2012

How often have you gone into a gym, looked around and walked right back out? If the crowds on the machines don’t get you, the over-sized men grunting and slamming down their weights, will.

As women, going to a gym can be a somewhat dizzying experience and it has nothing to do with skill level or fitness level and everything do with the environment. One of the best options for women when encountering this type of scenario is to have a plan, preferably one that makes you feel confident and motivated.

First and foremost, establishing one or a combination of three workout programs will be to your advantage. You can mix and match, isolate one over the other and create options for yourself. The first and possibly the easiest one to get you started would be to develop an efficient yet effective cardio routine.

Being in the gym for more than forty-five minutes can be extremely difficult for most of us these days and choosing exercises that boost your fat burning potential while increasing your overall cardiovascular conditioning are an excellent bet for the time-crunched woman. HITT or High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most efficient methods for burning fat without burning a lot of time.

A very simplified version for beginners would be to run for 30 seconds and rest for 90 seconds. You want to do this cycle 6-10 times. If you are new to exercise, you can most certainly start by engaging in a fast walk and then slowing to your normal pace. The key is to make those 30 seconds count—no lagging ladies. HITT routines are meant to be quick, usually no longer than 20-30 minutes for 2-3 times a week and they can be coupled with some simple stretching or a relaxing yoga class.

If HITT is not something that gets your heart racing, then another excellent option for burning fat and increasing strength is weight training. All too often, women are turned off by the free weight area of a gym. The men are all too big, the mirrors are huge and we’re not quite sure where to start. Again, having a plan will allow for you to “muscle” your way in and do your workout and leave. Unless you’re focusing on pursuing a bodybuilding competition, most women can do everything they need with the 10, 12 and 15lb weights. You want to focus on form rather than how much you’re lifting. Don’t let the mirrors intimidate you. They are not there to point out what’s wrong with your body, but instead to show you just how strong you actually are. Focus on either a total body weight routine or splitting up regions to train.

Another wonderful option that combines both the benefits of weights as well as improving cardiovascular health, is taking a dance class. Any form of dance will not only give you the long, lean muscles of a well-conditioned athlete, but it can also improve your self-confidence. Whatever routine you establish for yourself is a step in the right direction. Moreover, fitness should not only improve your physical health, but it should help to reflect the possibilities of who you are as a woman and what you can become.


P90X2 Workout Review

by Michael Brown on July 12, 2012

Muscle confusion is the basis of the P90X2 program. Similar to its predecessor, P90X, the program has a 90-day commitment. Instead of working out six days per week, participants will scale back to five days per week and allow a full two days off for rest. During the recuperation period, the body will begin to repair itself and allow the muscle a chance to grow and build.

p90x2 reviewPros of P90X2

  • Designed with the Input of World-Class Fitness Doctor
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Five-Day Workout Instead of Six-Days
  • Guide For Nutrition Included
  • Three Different Plans to Choose

Cons of P90X2

  • Not Highly Portable with 12 DVDs
  • Extra Equipment Required


There are three different aspects of the fitness program: Foundation, performance and strength. Muscle Confusion exercises are the basis of the P90X revolution. The same concepts continue to help build strength and eliminate instability in the new and improved version of P90X. The program is designed to improve the performance of every participant.

Fitness trainer Tony Horton solicited the help of Dr. Marcus Elliot and the Peak Performance Project to develop the training program. His expertise and years of experience with world-class athletes has helped to create a phenomenal program that many people covet and enjoy. Muscle confusion is a proven technique that works. Now, world-class training is available in the comfort of countless homes nationwide.

Before developing the program, Dr. Marcus Elliot and Tony Elliot studied numerous sports medicine programs for the best practices in the fitness and exercise world. The improved fitness program will be beneficial for athletes, sports professionals and people who desire general fitness.

What is Included in the P90X2 Package?

There are three different P90X2 packages: Basic, Deluxe and Ultimate. Each package offers more than the next. Since the basic package is most affordable, it is the most popular. The basic package includes:

Fitness Guide. The fitness guide explains the proper technique for every exercise. This helps participants avoid injuries when equipment is used properly. If the exercises are being executed improperly, the program will be ineffective. The fitness guide will also explain terms such as exercise multitasking and countless others.

Nutrition Guide. The nutrition guide is designed to help participants have a total body experience. Exercise is only one portion of total body workout. Nutrition also plays a role in shaping and molding the body into what is desired.

The nutrition guide is full of recipes and suggestions to help participants maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the program. The nutrition guide has a section for vegans, pescatarians and vegetarians. The guide also includes how to use protein shakes and recovery drinks as nutritional supplements.

90-Day Calendar. The 90-day calendar will help participants keep up with the five day per week workout regimen. Fitness trainer Tony Horton recommends attaching a photograph before the regimen begins to witness the progress. Use the calendar to track progress. This is a helpful tool in the entire program.

How To Bring It Again. This DVD teaches participants about P90X2. At the end of the DVD, participants will be well-informed and ready to begin the exercise regimen.

Recovery and Mobility. This DVD focuses on stretching and recovery of the muscles from intense exercise.

Chest, Back and Balance. This DVD uses medicine balls for push-ups to build strength in the chest, back and balance.

P.A.P. Upper. Post active potentiation for the upper body is the focus of this phase of the exercise regimen.

P.A.P. Lower. Post active potentiation for the lower body is the focus of this phase of the exercise regimen.

Plyocide. Plyocide guides participants through series of vertical and lateral jumping moves as a component of the total body workout.

Base and Back. The Base and Back workout combines plyometrics and pull-ups to give a total body workout.

Balance and Power. Balance exercises and strength exercises are the focus of this phase of the program.

Yoga.The instructor uses a constant approach to yoga. The standing balance moves are eliminated but there stretching and resistance exercises remain.

Ab Ripper P90X2. Participants have the opportunity to chisel and shape their abs with Fifer Scissors, Abronome and other popular exercises.

Total Body. This DVD uses the stability ball to build strength in the entire body.

Shoulder and Arms. Shoulders and Arms uses stability and medicine balls to improve body strength.

P90X2 Core. This DVD combines core and plyometric exercises to take the participant to the next level of core synergistics.

P90X2 Equipment Required

All the suggested equipment is included in the price of the ultimate kit. If participants order the base kit or deluxe kit, the equipment must be purchased separately. Most people suggest ordering the ultimate kit. This will ensure that the proper equipment and the best workout possible are obtained.

p90x2 workout

Required Equipment: To get the full body workout, dumb bells, resistance bands and a pull-up bar will be required.

Optional Equipment: Many participants also use the following equipment to enhance the workout: Foam rollers, balance ball, medicine ball, power pushup stands, chin-up assist, yoga mat and yoga blocks.

What is Good About P90X2?

Money Back Guarantee. Try the program for 90 days. The company will refund any money spent to the customer if they are not fully satisfied with their results. The program is highly effective for people who are willing to put in the work.

Three Different Programs Offered. Three different price points are offered to make the program more affordable to everyone. The Base kit, Deluxe kit and Ultimate kit are the three different options available. The price ranges from $119.85 to $299.85.

Exercise in the Comfort of Your Home The program is convenient and easy to use anywhere. The equipment can be transported to different locations if necessary.

What is Bad About P90X2?

Not as Portable as Hoped. There are 12 DVDs. While DVDs are small, this is still quite a lot of DVDs if traveling on a trip. Additionally, the program is not available on iPad. If the program were offered in an app format, the program would be more convenient for travel.

The inclusion of equipment makes the program more suitable to at-home work outs. People who will be stationary for three months or more could easily perform the exercises in a hotel room.

Equipment. To get the most out of the program, some equipment is required. The cost for the equipment is minimal, but participants will have to find a place to store the items without a designated workout area.

Cost of P90X2:

The base kit is available to participants for $119.85. The deluxe kit costs $239.85. The ultimate kit includes everything participants need for a total body workout and costs $299.85. Participants may even select the Blu-Ray DVD option.


With muscle confusion and seven years of research with a doctor, the fitness program has evolved into an effective program that has been proven to be beneficial to people who commit to the exercises. Tony Horton has 35 years of experience in the fitness industry and has finally perfected what he has learned to share with the public. The program is designed to take participants to the next level of fitness.

The program offers participants a chance to participate in Yoga, Plyometrics and resistance workouts. There is enough variety to keep participants interested and motivated to work out each day. The fitness program is recommended to people who are ready to commit to a serious workout.