Top 10 Brands and Flavors of Sugar Free Ice Cream

by Michael Brown on September 23, 2019

People managing Diabetes now have more options than ever when it comes to which foods they can eat.

Sweets, jams, desserts are all available, but sugar free ice cream has to be the most popular. We found the top 10 brands and flavors of sugar free ice cream.

How Is Sugar Free Ice Cream Made?

There’s no shortage of home-made sugar free ice cream recipes on the internet, but not all of us have the skills or the time to make our own.

Most recipes call for the use of sugar replacements such as powdered sweeteners and other ingredients. It’s important to remember that although these ice creams are sugar-free, they aren’t calorie free.

It always pays to check the labels of any foods you buy, particularly if you have a condition like Diabetes, or have food intolerances or allergies. When buying sugar free ice cream, you’re likely to note that they contain sugar alcohols or sucralose.

Many ice creams are made from milk, which contains lactose. This is a naturally occurring sugar, so many manufacturers eliminate it from the labels.

How We Chose Our Ratings


​Image Source: Pixabay

Flavor and taste were our first considerations when we chose the items for the list. It could be the healthiest ice cream ever invented, but if it doesn’t taste good, nobody’s going to eat it.

Customer reviews and online recommendations helped us to decide which items belonged on our list, but we also looked at the ingredients, price, and size of each item.

See if you agree with our opinion of the top 10 best sugar free ice creams.

Top 10 Best Sugar Free Ice Creams

different ice cream flavors

Image source: pexels

What do you look for in your sugar free ice cream? A certain flavor, texture, or brand?

There are many sugar free option are available, and we researched and listed our favorites below:

Enlightened - The Good For You Ice Cream

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  • Calories: 100 per ½ cup serving
  • Sodium: 45mg – 2%
  • Protein: 7g – 14%
  • Total carbohydrates: 18g – 6%
  • Total fat: 3g – 5%

This is the crème de la crème of sugar free ice cream. It costs around $6.00 U.S. for one pint and customer reviews have mentioned how it tastes better than other sugar free ice creams.

Ingredients include skim milk, cream, wheat flour, brown sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy, coconut and eggs.

Enlightened have a huge range of sugar free flavors including caramel oatmeal cookie crunch, strawberry cheesecake, snickerdoodle and triple shot espresso.

Skinny Cow Vanilla Gone Wild

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  • Calories: 160 per ½ cup serving
  • Sodium: 140 – 6%
  • Protein: 4g
  • Total carbohydrates: 28g – 9%
  • Total fat: 2g – 3%

Skinny Cow promote their ice creams as being made from cows who have not been treated with the growth hormone rBST.

These are ice cream sandwiches made with a low-fat cream. They have no added sugar and are delicately placed between two chocolate wafer cookies.

The ice cream sandwiches are wrapped separately, are kosher, and are seriously delicious.

Ingredients include skim milk, palm oil, sucralose, modified cornstarch, and Isomalt.

Other sugar free flavors are the vanilla and chocolate ice cream sandwiches and the va va vanilla almond crunch ice cream bar.

Halo Top Vanilla Bean

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  • Calories: 70 per ½ cup serving
  • Sodium: 110 – 5%
  • Protein: 5g – 10%
  • Total carbohydrates: 14g – 5%
  • Total fat: 2g – 3%

Halo Top use Stevia instead of sugar to sweeten their ice creams, so if you’re sensitive to Stevia, you’ll want to avoid this one. Other ingredients include organic cane sugar, vegetable glycerin, and sea salt.

There’s no shortage of flavors with Halo Top. You can also get birthday cake, peanut butter cup, s’mores, and black cherry.

Breyers Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry

[amazon box=”B01AS63ZAW”]

  • Calories: 80 per ½ cup serving
  • Sodium: 45g – 2%
  • Protein: 2g
  • Total carbohydrates: 13g – 4%
  • Total fat: 3g – 5%

Breyers sugar free ice cream range also come in vanilla, caramel swirl, and butter pecan. They’re certified gluten free and use sustainably farmed strawberries.

This ice cream contains under 2% of dutched cocoa that’s processed with alkali, carob bean, sucralose, and beet juice for color.

Breyer’s have been in operation since 1866, so they know how to make a good ice cream.

So Delicious Vanilla Bean with Coconut Milk

  • Calories: 100 per ½ cup serving
  • Sodium: 95g – 4%
  • Protein: 1g
  • Total carbohydrates: 18g – 6%
  • Total fat: 6g – 9%

This is a non-dairy sugar free ice cream so is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant. It’s gluten free, kosher, and verified by the non-GMO project. This means that the ingredients are not genetically modified.

This frozen dessert does have monk fruit extract in it, which means that there is a small amount of sugar added. The manufacturer uses the word negligible to describe it. The customer reviews were so favorable that we felt we had to include it on our list despite this.

Other flavors in this range include mint chip, chocolate, and butter pecan. They also have no sugar added ice cream bars in fudge and vanilla flavors.

Edy’s Slow Churned Vanilla Ice Cream

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  • Calories: 100 per ½ cup serving
  • Sodium: 30mg
  • Protein: 3g
  • Total carbohydrates: 14g
  • Total fat: 3g

Ingredients include milk products which we know has lactose in it, so there is a small amount of sugar in this ice cream. It also contains citric acid, xanthan gum, annatto color, and maltodextrin.

Other no sugar added flavors produced by Edy’s include fudge tracks, neapolitan, triple chocolate, butter pecan, and vanilla bean.

Blue Bunny Chocolate

  • Calories: 100 per ½ cup serving
  • Sodium: 50mg – 2%
  • Protein: 3g -m 5%
  • Total carbohydrates: 19g – 6%
  • Total fat: 3g – 5%

Blue Bunny’s no sugar added ice creams contain skim milk, buttermilk, acesulfame potassium, carob bean gum, and sucralose.

Blue Bunny have placed a warning on their website that this product contains sugar alcohol and consuming too much at a sitting may have a laxative effect. This is not unusual for sugar free, or no sugar added products.

Other flavors from Blue Bunny are double strawberry swirl, salted caramel craze, banana split, and peanut butter party. They also have no sugar added products in ice cream bars, cones, and sandwiches.

Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean

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  • Calories: 130 per ½ cup serving
  • Sodium: 50mg – 2%
  • Protein: 2g - 4%
  • Total carbohydrates: 16g – 5%
  • Total fat: 7g – 11%

This delicious ice cream is gluten free and caffeine free. It contains natural and artificial flavors, whey, cellulose gel, and non-fat milk. Turkey Hill produce a wide variety of ice creams, but Dutch chocolate is the only other no sugar added flavor.

Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean tops the reviews for best sugar free ice cream and perhaps they’ll increase their range of flavors in the future.

Hershey’s Butter Pecan

[amazon box=”B078XM2NLQ”]

  • Calories: 140 per ½ cup serving
  • Sodium: 115mg – 5%
  • Protein: 3g
  • Total carbohydrates: 16g – 5%
  • Total fat: 8g – 13%

Hershey’s offer a wide range of no added sugar flavors including coffee, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Also, moose tracks and turtle sundae.

Ingredients in this flavor include pecans, food starch, sucralose, and non-fat milk.

Hershey’s is a well-known brand who offer several other products than ice cream. They’re also known for their ice cream cones, bars and sandwiches.

Klondike Vanilla Ice Cream Bar

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  • Calories: 180 per ½ cup serving
  • Sodium: 70mg – 3%
  • Protein: 2g
  • Total carbohydrates: 22g – 7%
  • Total fat: 9g – 14%

We gave the Klondike Vanilla Ice Cream bar a low rating due to its calories level being so high. The ingredients include non-fat milk, cocoa powder, locust bean gum, sucralose, and carrageenan.

Klondike now offer a second flavor in their sugar free range called krunch. Both of these products can be bought individually or in packs of 6.

Why Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria Didn’t Make Our List?

There has been a lot of argument about whether or not Ben & Jerry make a sugar free ice cream. Their Moo-phoria range is considered to be light, but a quick look at the list of ingredients and you can clearly see sugar listed there.

According to the nutritional facts, Moo-phoria contains 15 grams of sugar and 140 to 160 calories per ½ cup serving. The total fat is listed as 4.5 grams which is higher than some on our list, but lower than others.

Buyer’s Guide to Sugar Free Ice Cream

chocolate and vanilla ice cream with cones in cup

Image source:pixabay

As you can see from our list, although some brands offer more flavors in their sugar free range than others, vanilla is by far the most popular flavor. However, it may also be the most popular flavor with ice cream that does have added sugar.

The advantage of vanilla flavored ice cream is that you can add any topping to it, whether that’s fruit, a syrup, or sprinkles.

Most of the ice creams on our list can be bought at your local grocery store, large supermarket, or local gas station.

What to Look for When Buying Sugar Free Ice Cream

As we mentioned earlier, the term sugar free is slightly misleading and no added sugar is perhaps the more accurate term. Our best advice is to read the ingredients sections carefully and remember that milk contains lactose, which is a natural sugar.

Some of the items on our list have included ingredients such as monk fruit extract which has a tiny amount of natural sugar in it.

Other ice creams on the list include the ingredients brown sugar or organic sugar. An argument could be made that these are in fact, sugars. However, in today’s environment sugar free only seems to apply to processed white sugar.

Other Factors to Consider when Buying Sugar Free Ice Cream

Although the cost of the ice creams on our list don’t vary much from the $6.00 U.S, mark for one pint, the other nutritional figures do.

For example, the ice cream that contains the lowest carbohydrates is the Breyer’s chocolate, vanilla, strawberry at 13 grams. The highest carbohydrate count is the Klondike vanilla ice cream bar at 22 grams.

The Klondike ice cream also has the highest calories count at a whopping 180, while the lowest is the Halo Top vanilla bean at 70 calories.

Our Choice of the Best Sugar Free Ice Cream

Your choice of the best sugar free ice cream will largely depend on why you want to eat a sugar free ice cream. If you’re doing so because you have Diabetes, a high calorie or carbohydrate count might not matter to you.

However, if you’re trying to lose weight, you may want a sugar free option that has a lower calorie count.

Our choice of the best sugar free ice cream goes to the number one on our list, the Enlightened chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. We chose this due to the almost 100% positive customer reviews we found, the price of a pint size tub and the wide range of flavors Enlightened offer in this range.

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The Top 7 Workout Gloves for Weight Lifting, MMA, and More

by Michael Brown on September 19, 2019

girl wearing her workout gloves to punch guy

​Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

​Some find them ridiculous, while others swear by them. What are we talking about? Workout gloves. When you think of the gym, the most common items that come to mind are weights and treadmills, respectively. If you routinely hit the gym, chances are you’ve seen someone with gloves on during a workout. They might look tacky, or provide a serious look, but the reality is workout gloves provide numerous benefits. From protection, to comfort, to improving your overall performance, there are key benefits to having your own pair.

Comparison Table

Product Name



Cobra Grips Pro Grip Pads – Best Overall

Cobra Grips Pro Grip Pads

Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves – Best for Weight Lifting

hands wearing the Fit Active Sports Workout Gloves

Grip Power Pad’s FIT Grip Pads – Best for Extra Grip

Grip Power Pads for workout gloves

Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki MMA Gloves – Best Competition MMA Gloves

brown leather workout gloves

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves - Best Boxing Training Gloves

a pair of black everlast workout gloves

Reebok CrossFit Training Gloves – Best Full-Body Gloves

Reebook workout gloves

Harbinger Power Weightlifting Gloves – Best Cheap Gloves

Harbinger workout glove

Of course, these specialized gloves not only work at aiding in your gym session, but they can be used for MMA, along with other action-sports. Thus, owning a pair gives you plenty of freedom to participate in activities you may not play otherwise. Plus, weightlifting is a solid way to shape your body, all while building muscle in the process.

Why Should You Wear Gloves When Working Out?

The biggest side effect of weightlifting, or MMA-style fighting, is calluses. Ultimately, your skin can’t take the beating. Whether it’s hitting something or simply grabbing a big steel bar, it takes a toll. No one wants skin marks that can hurt, scab, or ultimately bleed due to usage. Thankfully, workout gloves exist. These beauties allow you to think less about the taxation on your body, and more about that next set. With workout gloves, you’re able to put little distractions, such as sweat or pain, behind you. After all, working out is an exercise, so you’re bound to sweat.

When using glove when lifting, you should get extra grip strength. This combats the sweaty palms that most people suffer- again, which is expected-and keeps you going. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the germ aspect. How dirty do you think public, or even private, for that matter, gyms are? If you have dedicated gym gloves that can stay in your bag, you don’t have to think about your hands trapping other people’s germs every time you do some squats.

How We Choose the Best Workout Gloves

For us, workout gloves should provide some comfort, all while lasting a whole season. They should also give you extra grip that could be missing as your hands start to become sweaty. Overall, you don’t want too much padding, as that can hinder your performance, but enough to keep your upper-palms supported. Regarding MMA gloves, the top-rated for sparring come from trusted makers in the business, which shouldn’t come as a surprise.

To find the best that fit these criteria, we scoured numerous brands and experiences across Amazon and bodybuilding websites, along with MMA-based training sites. Our top 10 focuses on gloves for most gym-based activities, including boxing, MMA, weightlifting, and actual competition usage.

Our Top 7 Mixed-Usage Gym Gloves

Cobra Grips Pro Grip Pads – Best Overall

Cobra Grips Pro Grip Pads
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Let’s get this out of the way first: these workout gloves look hardcore. Seriously, they’re cut like a cobra. If that doesn’t seem like something you want to wear around, then there are alternatives on the list (see below.)

But, if you want to look good, and have the best, then the Cobra Grips Pro should be on your radar. These heavily-padded gloves feature a unique design, one that leaves your hand open for airflow, all while giving your wrist the support it needs. At 6mm thick, it’s one of the most-cushioned workout gloves you’ll find on the market.

While the company claims these gloves are best-suited towards heavy lifting, the reality is that they’ll be perfect for most weight, or machine-based, activities at a gym. Because they’re non-slip and provide a secure grip, exercises like rowing, among others, can utilize the features. The glove is crafted from a neoprene rubber, while also being available in a durable leather version, making it sustainable to use daily.

Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves – Best for Weight Lifting

hands wearing the Fit Active Sports Workout Gloves

Across the board, the Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves are no frills, maximum performance achieving workout gloves. They don’t look like anything fancy, but they have performance where it counts.

The gloves are manufactured from neoprene rubber, giving a good build platform with plenty of potential usage. While the inside is a full-palm covering design, the outside features an open-hand design for air ventilation. Among the features are silicon printed rubber inserts for extra grip, along with extra padding on high-traffic areas to keep you protected where you need it most.

The wrist wrap area is double fitted, providing you with injury prevention and comfort. Everything is easily adjustable with Velcro, plus they’re machine washable, which is a bonus.

Grip Power Pad’s FIT Grip Pads – Best for Extra Grip

Grip Power Pads for workout gloves

If the name doesn’t provide enough context, these “gloves” are featured for their impressive clasp. Sure, they may not take home any designer awards, but when you’re searching for gym equipment, style should be the last thing on your mind.

You want products that produce results, and the Grip FIT Power Pads do just that. The basis of this style for workouts is heavy lifting, so if you’re the type of person that does more weight during reps than standard, these should be right up your alley. They’re designed with a textile-patterned material that should eliminate most slippage when lifting.

Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki MMA Gloves – Best Competition MMA Gloves

brown leather workout gloves

Need some gloves to hit the ring? Look no further than the Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki MMA gloves. As a piece of equipment, these high-quality competition gloves will serve anyone well when they need it most, during a real fight.

Crafted from full-grain leather, this combination provides a versatile and hardy option for those who want some of the best gloves out there. The Dual-X closure design allows for hand and wrist stabilization to deter injuries and keep you protected. If you’re worried about bacteria growth, Hayabusa has you covered.

They lined the T3 Kanpeki gloves with the XT2 antimicrobial technology that inhibits germ growth and minimizes odors. Plus, it features thermoregulating properties to allow a cooler temperature when in use. They aren’t cheap, coming in at $110, but as is the mantra so often, you get what you pay for. These gloves are no different, and will last you a whole, so long as their taken care of.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves - Best Boxing Training Gloves

a pair of black everlast workout gloves

If you need to work on your skills before hitting the ring, these Everlast Pro Style Training gloves should help you reach peak performance. These are only valuable to those who need a training glove for their sparring sessions, as they’re a full-service boxing glove.

This glove features full padding in the front and back of the wrists to aid in using proper technique when throwing a punch, and the ThumbLok feature keeps your hands positioned correctly. All this aids in staying injury free, along with providing ways to improve your skills as a boxer. Concerning the materials, the Everlast product is formed from synthetic leather, providing increased toughness for any long session.

Reebok CrossFit Training Gloves – Best Full-Body Gloves

Reebook workout gloves

If you’d prefer an all-purpose, fully-enclosed style glove, then the Reebok CrossFit Training gloves could be a choice worth looking into. They’re available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

The glove itself is a simple, spandex crafted body that provides stretch and little restriction when needed. Other materials include standard nylon and gel pads on the palm areas for a cushioned grip. Reebok has moisture-wicking technology on the inside of the gloves to keep sweat cool and dry, and there are mesh areas with perforations that allow airflow.

Harbinger Power Weightlifting Gloves – Best Cheap Gloves

Harbinger workout glove

The last glove on our list is the cheapest, which may lead you to think negatively about the quality. However, price-to-quality ratio is very good, with the $12 price tag providing a good product. The Harbinger Power Weightlifting Gloves provide a mesh-based Lycra fabric on the top of the glove, while the palm area is reinforced with a double-leather fabric.

Both aid in providing a sturdy grip and abrasion resistance when you might need it most. In terms of workout gloves, these are your standard fair, and will only last around six months with average use. Again, this is mainly due to the quality of construction, while some people have found their gloves to bleed through after use. If you can get past these problems, though, they should serve you well.

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The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Workout Gloves

woman boxing

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

To get the most out of any exercise gloves, the first thing you must do is measure your hands. You won’t be happy if those precious gloves you buy don’t fit, so doing this simple, and easy, task will make a world of difference.

Most gloves are measured by the circumference of your hand. Measuring correctly is key to finding the right size. For this, grab a tape measure and close your strongest hand. Then, simply take the tape measure wrap it around the area just below your knuckles. Take note of the measurement.

Finding the right size may be the most important item to check off the list, but knowing the health of your body, specifically your hands, will also play a key role.

Think about it this way: if you have weak knuckles, you’ll probably want to find gloves that provide extra upper padding to protect those bones. Of course, you also should choose workout gloves that compliment your exercise style, whether you’re in a MMA ring or simply on a weightlifting bench.

While having MMA gloves for MMA-style workouts or sparring sessions makes sense, using these to do some deadlifts won’t be advantageous.

Lastly, you’ll always want to remember that quality matters.

Choosing a brand or specific model of glove that is made from stronger materials, such as Kevlar or leather, can have a big impact on durability and the lifespan. In the world of exercise gloves, you really do get what you pay for.

That’s not to say inexpensive options are bad, but just be wary of too-good-to-be-true prices.

Having Workout Gloves Can Be Beneficial

two pairs of boxing gloves hanging

​Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

Even if you don’t think you need them, exercise gloves can prove to be valuable. If you prefer to power through sets and reps with the potential for injury and the germ-infested public gyms, then continue to disregard any gloves.

However, if you’d like to lift and workout safer then gloves can be a difference maker.

Keeping germs and bacteria off your body makes it easier to think about your workout, rather than outside issues. Workout gloves are there to help you, and if you happen to prefer bare hands or other methods when lifting, it’s not a chore to take them off.

Thus, there’s not much to lose when thinking about getting a couple.  

If you’re ready to try them yourself, grab a pair and hit the gym.


The Top 5 Gym Bags To Hold Everything When Working Out

by Michael Brown on September 16, 2019

gym bag

If you’ve ever tried to hit the gym, chances are you brought something along to carry all your stuff. It’s pretty much a necessity. After all, working out requires different clothes, shoes, and equipment, generally, then your everyday wear. This means you need something to haul it around with, and the right bag can make a big difference. Between water resistance, lightweight, heavy duty, or a simple drawstring, there are quite a few styles to choose from.

Plus, you also need to think about the size and functionality of carrying something around day in and day out. But which is the best? Part of that has to do with the type you, personally, want. Of course, part of it has to do with the quality of the bags themselves, and that’s what we’ll be running through (no pun intended) today.

Why Are Gym Bags So Important?

You may not think it, but being able to stay organized, in and out of the house can make a huge difference on the amount of work you’re able to get done. This idea still holds true at the gym. Think about it: most people go to the gym with a limited amount of time to complete their routine for that day of the week. Having yourself organized and prepared for the session ahead can lead to a smoother experience. You won’t have to be searching for your weight lifting gloves, trying to locate your water bottle or Gatorade, nor will you need to find your clothes to change into.

Gym bags allow you to have all these items ready to go, plus more. No more clutter, no more searching for that GU Energy pack, and no more wasting time. Once you’ve found the perfect gym bag for yourself, workouts can become a breeze.

How We Chose the Best Gym Bags to Consider

As mentioned earlier, having the perfect gym partner, in bag form, can make a big difference in your workouts. To determine the best of the best, we had to consider all the options out there. This means that household names like Nike, Adidas, and The North Face all came into play, as well as higher products from manufacturers like Salomon, Arc’teryx, and King Kong. We also had to contemplate brands made by retailers such as Target and Walmart.

[amazon box=”B07L89M2NL, B0731ZBR2P, B07BX6HR4Y, B0179EPJVO, B07PMW7NLB” template=”table”]

Of course, these are just some of the products that might’ve made the cut. The criteria for the bags was straightforward. Most gym bags are constructed from 600D nylon material, for easy clean-ups, and generally feature a shoulder strap, along with a few mesh pockets, and sometimes a place for a water bottle. Thus, the biggest categories boiled down to ease-of-use, cost, dedicated pockets for dirty clothes (or shoes), and reinforcement of the bag itself. In addition, having zippers that were smooth and frustration-free was a bonus, as well as a relaxed cleaning process. All of that, along with the overall construction, were the criteria for our gym bags. Overall, there is a good variety of choices, and most people should find something specific to their usage.

The Best Gym Bags Available

Kuston Sports Gym Bag - Best Overall

[amazon fields=”B07L89M2NL” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The best, overall option on our list, the Kuston Sports Gym Bag represents everything you should want to see in your everyday driver.

Sure, it’s a brand you may not have heard of, but that doesn’t stop it from topping our list. Let’s talk about the good: for starters, it’s a relatively inexpensive bag at roughly $30. In an industry were high-end manufacturers want to charge triple-digit amounts for their products, it’s refreshing to see a quality item that can last for less.

In terms of size, this sits among the smaller gym bags out there, coming in at 20 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches. Realistically, this is the perfect size for a change of clothes, a pair of shoes, water bottles, some snacks, your cell phone, and a pair of headphones.With all that, what else do you really need at the gym? There aren’t any external areas that would snag on a locker or grabbing it out of your car, which means frustration free training. The bag has an underside compartment fit for a pair of shoes and features an inside zipper pocket for any valuables that you’d like to keep hidden.

It’s constructed with metal materials for hinges, and features sealed, plastic waterproof compartment on the inside, in addition to the waterproof outer shell. Plus, it only weighs 1.5 pounds, making it lightweight before you put anything inside.

[amazon box=”B07L89M2NL”]

King Kong Jnr Bag - Best to Last

[amazon fields=”B0731ZBR2P” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

With a name like King Kong, you’d expect some heavy-duty build quality, and with their gym bags you get what you pay for. We’ll get this out of the way first, though: the Jnr Kong Bag is the most expensive product on our list.

While the $109 price tag may seem farfetched at first glance, you get the best warranty out of any other gym bag seen here, and the strongest material around. The bag is constructed of military-grade 1000D nylon, powerful steel fasteners, and is outfitted with Japanese-made YKK zippers for ultimate durability. That nylon is near-impossible to rip, steel is one of the stronger metals you’ll find, and the YKK zippers should last a lifetime.

You have the choice of seven different colorways, with something for everyone highlighted. This gym bag’s overall dimensions are almost the same as our number-one pick, coming in at 18 inches by 11 inches by 11 inches.

[amazon box=”B0731ZBR2P”]

North Face Apex Gym Medium Duffel - Best for Multiple Outfits

[amazon fields=”B07BX6HR4Y” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Many should be familiar with the North Face brand. They make solid, quality outdoor equipment for the masses, with all price points represented among different product lines. It might be surprising to some, then, that they make very good equipment too. In this case, their Apex Gym Duffel, Medium size, fits the bill as one of the better gym bags you can buy. If you’re searching for a bag that gives you options for storage space and comfort, the Apex has you covered.

The outside is crafted from a combination of 420D nylon and 900D polyester with a waterproof, durable PVC coating. All that means is you shouldn’t be scared to throw it on the ground anywhere. Inside, you’ll find two main zippered compartments. One of which should be used for clean clothes, while the other is mesh and vented for dirty garments and shoes.

Concerning the dimensions, the bag comes in at 15 inches by 21 inches by 10 inches, with most of the width due to the double compartment on the inside. There are shoulder straps, as well as carry handles, to make it easy and comfortable to haul around. Of course, the North Face also offers a lifetime warranty on all their products. Should the bag ever break due to manufacturing errors, they’ll replace it for you, no questions asked. While not the biggest reason to consider one bag over another, this can be huge if you’re planning to use it if possible.

[amazon box=”B07BX6HR4Y”]

Adidas Team Issue Duffel Large – Best for Large Storage

[amazon fields=”B0179EPJVO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Need something a little bigger for a complete equipment or outfit change? Say hello to the Adidas Team Issue Duffel bag. Sure, it’s quite a bit larger – in fact, it’s the largest out of all the gym bags-but that’s the point!

It’s named after the idea that you’d use it for team-based sports, thanks in part to the size and construction. There are four outside zippered pockets, along with a mesh pocket, to help keep you organized even with all your gear.

The bag measures in at 33 inches by 14 inches by 15 inches, allowing for 88 liters of storage space. One of the best parts about this bag is that it does come in three different sizes, small, medium, and the large one recommended here. All of them are cut from the same cloth, so to speak, so if you wanted a smaller version it’s available.

Material wise, the bag uses a combination of nylon, polyester, and elastane, which altogether Adidas calls Hydro-Shield, their water-resistant material. Everything is grounded by 600D polyester on the inside.

Inside, you’ll find two different pockets, a ventilated area for dirty shoes or clothes, and another that can store your valuables with due to a stealthy zipper compartment.

As with the North Face Apex Duffel, the German-manufacturers duffel includes a lifetime warranty, which should give you some wanted piece-of-mind. Sure, it’s not the fanciest of gym bags you’ll find, but the point is to get the job done, and for $50 the Team Issue does just that.

[amazon box=”B0179EPJVO”]

Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Small Duffle

[amazon fields=”B07PMW7NLB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Marked with the classic, and big, Under Armour logo, everyone will know you mean business when you stroll through the gym doors.

Their Undeniable 3.0 Small Duffle presents a great option if you’re looking for a no-frills equipment bag. It measures in at 21 inches by 10 inches by 11 inches, providing the right size for most of the stuff you might bring. Using 600D polyester as the fabric, you’ll find the Undeniable 3.0 should hold up for a while.

The outside of the bag is coated with a water-resistant spray, giving you enough protection. On the pocket front, there is a ventilated pocket for dirty shoes or clothes, two outside zippered compartments, and one small internal pouch for valuables.

Really, the main drawbacks to this bag are materials, which is why we’ve docked it some stars.

[amazon box=”B07PMW7NLB”]

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Gym Bag

This might go without saying, but the biggest detail that should be present in any duffel bag your considering is quality materials.Any company can sew together some pockets inside fabric, slap some zippers on it, and sell it among the other gym bags. But the reality is quality and craftmanship still matter, especially so within a piece of equipment that will see daily use. Metal parts, along with higher-density fibers, make a difference, and will last longer than lower-grade options, like plastic or thinner polyester.

Of course, there are other parameters, such as water-resistance, comfort, ventilated or ventilated pockets, or even the zipper make, come into play. Make sure to ponder the features you value most, and make your decision based on that.

It’s easier to choose when you know what to look for, so hopefully you have a better understanding of what goes into a duffel bag now.

Gym Bags Can Make a Difference

As you can see, there is plenty of competition within the gym equipment category. From the big-name brands, to smaller, unknown manufacturers, plenty of companies are getting in on the gym bag game.

Thus, it’s more important to know what you value in a bag, and just how you plan to use it. Choosing the right bag may seem like a long process, but it should make a big difference on how you approach any gym days.

At the end of the day, always remember that the right gym bag for you is out there.

When you find it, you’ll be glad you did.


Top 12 Best Salt Substitutes for Limited Salt Diets

by Michael Brown on September 13, 2019

Salt with alcohol background

Image Source: Pexels

A low salt diet is recommended for people who have high blood pressure or who are at risk of developing heart disease. Sodium is a chemical contained in salt that our body’s needs, however we don’t need as much of it as many people think.

This post will look at the best salt substitutes that are currently available.

Comparison Table

[amazon box=”B0759QRNP3,B00CO21P7E,B0087ENBS4,B00HUYHYUI,B000E5GFQE,B01HFHPCTO,B00UKSA5D4,B00GYHQIRC,B07F2WQ1LK,B075CMGY9X,B003HEUJNO,B00P89MGYG” template=”table”]

What Is A Low Salt Diet?

salt with grapes

Image Source: Pexels

If your Doctor has recommended you begin a low salt diet, you may be restricted to having 2,300mg of salt per day. If your condition is severe, this may be lowered to 1,500mg.

Beginning any new diet or eating regime is often difficult, however your body knows best what it needs, and it will adapt quickly.

The easiest way to begin reducing your sodium intake is by eating a well-balanced diet and eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh chicken, fish, and turkey are also good options.

Reducing Your Processed Food Intake

Processed food is often loaded with salt and other chemicals and preservatives. For some people, just switching to an all-natural food diet is enough to improve their health.

For people who find a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables too limiting, you should learn how to read the labels on food so that you can judge how much sodium you will be getting with each meal. Also, how many other unnecessary chemicals you will be consuming.

Look for labels that include the words low-salt, salt-reduced, unsalted, sodium-free, or sodium-reduced. You should look for products that contain less than 100mg of salt.

What Exactly Are Salt Substitutes?

Lemon, pepper, garlic, and other herbs are natural salt substitutes. We recommend you avoid using herb mixes however, as they often contain salt. Oil and vinegar can also be used to give flavor.

Created salt substitutes are a better option than salt for people who need to eat a low-sodium diet. Most salt substitutes swap potassium chloride for sodium chloride. The taste of each chemical is similar, but potassium won’t raise your blood pressure as sodium will.

Too much potassium can be a problem for some people though, so you should check with your Doctor that it is safe for you to take in medium to large doses.

Potassium can exacerbate chronic kidney disease and can adversely affect the efficiency of some hypertension medications such as lisinopril, captopril, and benazepril. However, if taken in moderation, you shouldn’t experience any problems.

How We Chose Our Ratings

​When choosing items for our top 12 best salt substitute list we thought it was important to take consumer reviews into account, where they were available.

We also looked at what ingredients were in the substitutes, and what, if any, added benefits came with using the product.

Finally, we looked at the packaging for the substitutes and if they could be bought in bulk.

Price was a small consideration.

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Top 12 Best Salt Substitutes

Below are some of the best salt substitutes on the market for you to try on your meals. There are many options and flavors for every taste.

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We even recommend that you try several of these top 12 to mak e sure that you find something you love and can stick to.

1. Dak’s Spices

[amazon box=”B0759QRNP3″]

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5/5 stars

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Most of the items on this list include only one product however, we’ve given this package of six products the top spot as it gives good value for money and a wide variety of choices. All of these options area salt-free.

Insert WordPress Content

The six items contained in the package are:

Original Red – this is a mix of pepper and other spices. It’s a good all-purpose seasoning.

Green Zest – this is a blend of zest of citrus and herbs which produces a lot of flavor but doesn’t contain any of the hotter spices.

Steakhouse – for the meat lovers, this one is full of black peppercorns and other herbs.

Blackened – created after the unique flavor of New Orleans cooking, this is another one for the meat lovers.

Super Greek – If you love Greek food, this is the one for you.

Taco Knight - this blend is perfect for easily adding flavoring to tacos and other food.

Dak’s add a warning to their product label that states they are produced in a facility where they use tree nut, fish, dairy, egg, soy, and wheat.

Reviewers have commented that all of these shakers are full of flavor and are perfect for people who miss the taste of salt in their food.

The price of this package is on Amazon, so it’s a great way to try most of the range before deciding which one is your favorite. After your taste test, you can buy them individually.

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2. Nu-Salt Salt Substitute

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[amazon box=”B00CO21P7E”]

4/5 stars

Insert WordPress Content is currently selling a 12-pack of these 3-ounce containers. If you go through a lot of salt substitute per week, this is probably a good way to buy it.

Some reviewers have commented that this product rarely leaves an after taste as some other salt substitute’s do.

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3. Jones’s Organic Mock Salt

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[amazon box=”B0087ENBS4″]

4/5 stars

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Many people are conscious of what they put into their bodies nowadays and if a product has the word organic on it’s label, you know it’s of a high quality.

This product is gluten-free and contains no MSG. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is often used in Chinese restaurants. If you have a bad reaction when you eat Chinese, it’s probably because of the MSG.

Although this comes in a relatively small container of 1.6 ounces it also comes with a small price. 

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4. Mrs Dash Salt-free Seasoning

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[amazon box=”B00HUYHYUI”]

4/5 stars

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This is Mrs. Dash’s original blend that includes spices, onions, garlic, carrot, citric acid and more.  

Some reviewers have commented that there is not enough pepper in this product, but you can always add pepper to your meal yourself.

We reviewed the 2-pack of this substitute which included two, 2.5-ounce containers, but these can be bought in bulk packs or individually.

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5. Bragg Organic Sprinkle Seasoning

[amazon box=”B000E5GFQE”]

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4/5 stars

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Apart from having the best name on our list, this product gives good value for money for a 1.5-ounce counter.

It contains 24 herbs and spices, including red bell pepper, tomato, oregano, apple cider vinegar, and extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Customer reviews state that it doesn’t give a sour taste but is too strong to add to popcorn.

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6. Flavor God Dynamite Seasonings

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[amazon box=”B01HFHPCTO”]

4/5 stars

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This salt substitute is a little more expensive than some of the others on our list but is still a reasonable price. 

The manufacturer states that their seasonings are kosher, paleo certified, gluten free and contain zero calories.

Ingredients include ghost chili pepper, coriander, cumin, parsley, sea salt and more.

Flavor God seasonings can also be bought as a multi-flavor 7-pack which will help you decide on your favorite.

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7. Goodsalt

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[amazon box=”B00UKSA5D4″]

4/5 stars

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Manufactured in Finland and invented by Dr Heikki Karppanen, this salt claims to have 43% less sodium in it than regular salt.

Goodsalt contains added magnesium which helps to regulate blood pressure, potassium and iodine.

This salt substitute comes in a packet rather than a shaker and the manufacturer recommends that you drop a few grains of salt in the box, to absorb any moisture that may develop.

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8. Katarina Naturals All-Natural Sodium Free Salt Substitute- 3.5oz.

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[amazon box=”B00GYHQIRC”]

4/5 stars

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This all-natural salt is made in the U.S, from plants and plat products. It reduces your sodium intake ad adds potassium and L-lysine.

L-lysine is an amino acid that helps build protein for growth and speeds up calcium absorption, so is especially good for women.

Some reviewers have commented that it doesn’t taste good. However, they don’t mention how much they used or how they used it. It may be tasteless when it’s used for cooking but perhaps leaves an aftertaste if just sprinkled over food.

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9 . Sodium Free Salt Substitute

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[amazon box=”B07F2WQ1LK”]

4/5 stars

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Made by Larissa Veronica this salt substitute comes in at 16-ounce container and is sodium free.

A note on the label states that this product doesn’t contain iodine, but you can get that from other foods.

At its current price this is a good bargain, although we were unable to find any customer reviews.

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10. Saltney’s Salt Alternative

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[amazon box=”B075CMGY9X”]

4/5 stars

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Saltney’s claim that this salt alternative is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and is kosher. It contains 0.2% sodium which is 99.5% less than packaged salt.

Saltney’s salt alternative is loaded with potassium and they warn that if you have a heart or kidney disorder, you should consult your Doctor before using.

This alternative is also suitable for people who suffer from nut allergies.

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11. Sea Shakes

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[amazon box=”B003HEUJNO”]

4/5 stars

Insert WordPress Content

This product will be an acquired taste for some, but one reviewer stated that she loved this from the first taste.

It’s made from organic seaweeds such as kelp, nori, dulse, and Portugese sea salts.

It’s high in iodine and low in sodium and is gluten free. It can even be used on popcorn.

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12. Jada Spices Chicken Salt

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[amazon box=”B01M3NJK7P”]

3.5/5 stars

Insert WordPress Content

We had to include at least one brand of chicken salt on our list of salt substitutes. Chicken salt has become more popular in recent years due to its delicious flavor. Contrary to popular belief it is not made with chickens.

Jada Spices state that their product is gluten-free, MSG-free and Paleo friendly. It doesn’t contain soy or additives and they have only used Non-GMO ingredients.

Non-GMO stands for non-genetically modified, so you know the ingredients in this salt substitute have not been tampered with.

Jada’s chicken salt comes in a variety of flavors including Lime, barbecue, reduced sodium, red pepper, and original.

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Buyer’s Guide to Salt Substitutes

Many of us use more salt than we need to, so regardless of whether you have a medical condition or not, it’s always good to keep your salt intake to a minimum.

When choosing a salt substitute, it pays to keep in mind how you will use it. Some of the substitutes have been known to leave an aftertaste which may not be obvious if you only use it to salt water while you’re cooking.

It’s also a good idea to check the label for other minerals and nutrients that may be in your substitute.

The Best Salt Substitute on the Market

roast beef salt cured meat

Image source: pxhere

There are many good salt substitutes on the market and choosing the best one will be a matter of taste for most people.

As we mentioned earlier, Dak’s salt substitute pack allows you to try out a few different seasonings so we’ve put that in the number one spot.

However, if you’re looking for a substitute that tastes as close to table salt as possible, we recommend you use Jones’s Organic Mock Salt.


Top 10 Best Cross Training Shoes

by Michael Brown on September 12, 2019

Man stretching on a bridge

Image Source: Pexels

Keeping fit is a goal for many of us in today’s world, particularly as we now seem to spend most of our time sitting in front of a screen.

But, to keep fit, you need a good, strong, pair of shoes that are able to support you in all your activities. In this post, we take a look at the top 10 best cross training shoes.

Comparison Table

[amazon box=”B01CKN3FBA,B00HCUH2HA,B01C3LLG0Q,B01GSMN7OO,B00IY95FAY,B01N9OAK6O,B01MTQ82FP,B01886LENE,B01H2MTX38,B01LY9H1XA” template=”table”]

What Exactly Is Cross Training?

group of people stretching

Image Source: Pexels

Cross training is the term that’s used to describe a regular routine that doesn’t focus on just one form of exercise.

Cross training typically includes an exercise regime that alternates between Pilate, boot-camp classes, resistance work, cycling, walking, and many more. There are no limits on which exercise you choose.

What Are the Benefits of Cross Training?

Some of the benefits of cross training include:

  • You’re more likely to stick to your schedule. One of the reasons that people often cite for giving up exercise regimes is boredom. If you alternate your activity, you’re more likely to stay interested and focused.
  • Weight Loss. We all know that we need to exercise to lose weight. Particularly if you’re new to exercise alternating between activities will ensure that you’re not putting too much strain on the same muscles over and over again.
  • Lowers your risk of injury. As we mentioned above, using different muscles to perform different activities lessens the strain on your muscles. Alternating activities also means that if you have a previous strain, on your leg for example, you can still exercise it gently.
  • Increased general fitness. Because you’re alternating between exercise types, you’re able to improve your muscular fitness and your aerobic conditioning. Strength training can also be easily added to your routine.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Choosing the right pair of shoes to support you with your cross training is extremely important and we wanted to ensure we gave you the best possible information.

The items on our list have received positive customer reviews and are made by reputable brands. We covered all budgets on our list as we believe a good pair of shoes doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.

Style was also considered when we chose the shoes but wasn’t the main consideration as it has little to do with performance.

Top 10 Best Cross Training Shoes

There are many brands and styles of cross trainer shoes on the market. We did a lot of research to find and bring you the best. And, there are enough options for everyone to be able to find a selection.

Below, we’ve listed our 10 favorites:

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1. Ryker Women’s Deliberate Cross Trainer

[amazon box=”B01CKN3FBA”]

4.5/5 stars

Color: navy/pink, black/mint

Insert WordPress Content

This attractive looking shoe features a rubber sole and a removable insole. It uses mono mesh on the heel and the midfoot with gives added foot support but keeps the shoe lightweight.

Most reviews are positive with people mentioning how light they feel when wearing and how they support the arch of the foot.

Some reviews have mentioned that these shoes are narrow, so you may want to purchase a size up to compensate for that or avoid if you have a wide foot.

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2. Mizuno Men’s Wave Unite 2

[amazon box=”B00HCUH2HA”]

4.5/5 stars

Color: black/white, white/black, royal/white, black/red, gray/white, navy/white, blue/white

Insert WordPress Content

These synthetic shoes feature a rubber sole and a shaft that measure approximately 1.3 inches from the arch.

They also have a mesh upper and a combination of solid and blown rubber for the forefoot. The placement of the rubber means they should take longer to wear in the high impact areas.

The customer reviews state that these shoes run true to size, are comfortable and lightweight to wear while running.

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3. Puma Women’s Tazon 6

[amazon box=”B01C3LLG0Q”]

4.5/5 stars

Color: Puma black/puma silver/beetroot purple, periscope/puma silver/pink glow, puma white/fuchsia purple/puma silver.

Insert WordPress Content

Puma have been around for a long time now, so you would expect them to know what they’re doing. With these shoes they’ve produced a good quality product in a wider range of colors for women than the usual white and pink.

These are made from synthetic leather and have a rubber sole with a shaft that measures approximately 3 inches from the arch.

These also feature the breathable, EcoOrthoLite sock liners for extra comfort and a good fit.

Most of the customer reviews mention how comfortable these are but a couple state that they’re just a little on the narrow side.

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4. Under Armor Men’s Commit Cross Trainer

[amazon box=”B01GSMN7OO”]

4.5/5 stars

Color: black/steel, black/white, black/red, charcoal/white, glacier gray/gray wolf, midnight navy/smash yellow, white/rhino gray/, black, black/black iron, blue drift/phoenix fire, rhino gray/red/metallic silver, white/marathon red/black, rhino gray/red, midnight navy/metallic gold/white.

Insert WordPress Content

This shoe comes in a wide variety of colors and prices, so make sure you shop around to get the best deal.

These feature a rubber sole and a lightweight, breathable, mesh upper. The leather saddle adds to the forefoot stability and support.

The Commit shoe also features a full length 4D foam sock liner to give you a custom fit and extra support. It also has rubber traction features that cover the high impact zones, so they should last for quite some time.

Customer reviews are mostly positive however, it was mentioned that these are a narrow fit.

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5. New Balance Women’s Training Shoe

[amazon box=”B00IY95FAY”]

4.5/5 stars

Color: white/pink

Insert WordPress Content

New Balance appear twice on this list of the best cross training shoes, but they seem to have done a better job off creating these women’s shoes than the men.

These shoes are made from leather, but at this stage, only come in one color range. There also seems to be a wide range of prices, so we suggest you do your research before you decide who you will purchase from.

Customer reviews are mostly positive with one reviewer commenting that these are the only women’s shoe she has found that are comfortable for wide feet.

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6. Reebok Men’s R CROSSFIT Speed

[amazon box=”B01N9OAK6O”]

4.5/5 stars

Color: vital blue/black/white/ash grey/silver, black/white/primal red, primal red/white/black, black/black reflective/white/gum/ash grey, electric flash/white/black/silver.

Insert WordPress Content

Reebok is another well-known brand that we expect good things from and these shoes don’t disappoint.

These are made from textile and synthetic materials and feature a rubber sole. They have a mesh upper, a contrast heel color, and the logo clearly displayed in colors that match the shoes.

The sole has a traction pattern for extra grip when running.

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7. New Balance Women’s Komen Cross Trainer

[amazon box=”B01MTQ82FP”]

4/5 stars

Color: black/alpha pink

Insert WordPress Content

These are the newest shoe from New Balance but are perhaps not the best of their range. They feature foam on the tongue and heel and have an upgraded sock insert inside.

The upper shoe features a combination of meshes although they are only available in one color combination at this stage. The extra Cush midsole feature gives you more cushion under your arches.

The customer reviews are again, mostly positive, but some have mentioned that these are a narrow fit, and you should buy half a size larger than you would usually wear.

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8. Asics Men’s Fuzex Tr Cross Trainer

[amazon box=”B01886LENE”]

4/5 stars

Color: Aluminum/green gecko/black, blue jewel/silver/hot orange

Insert WordPress Content

These textile and synthetic shoes are seamless, so you don’t have to worry about seams irritating your feet.

The midsole material is a lighter weight that other Asics shoes and they feature added cushioning for comfort and durability.

Gel cushioning systems on the rearfoot and forefoot minimize shock impact and toe-off phases. Comfordry sock liners add anti-microbial properties to keep your feet healthy and dry.

The fit of these shoes run to narrow, according to the customer reviews. However, most reviewers added that these are comfortable to wear and lightweight.

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9. Asics Women’s Gel-fit Sana 3

[amazon box=”B01H2MTX38″]

4/5 stars

Color: black/white/silver, white/begonia pink/glacier grey, porcelain blue/silver/white, diva pink/white/melon, bay/black/carbon, mid grey/white/glacier grey.

Insert WordPress Content

These cross-training shoes feature a rubber sole and seamless textile construction.

They feature the mono-sock fit system which is an internal elastic sleeve instead of a traditional tongue for a more comfortable fit.

These also use a rearfoot Gel cushioning system that reduces impact shock.

The customer reviews for these shoes mention that although comfortable, they don’t have as much arch support as some people would like. However, one reviewer stated that these were great for every day shoes after surgery for a tendon transfer.

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10. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon

[amazon box=”B01LY9H1XA”]

4/5 stars

Color: black/metallic silver/white, black/iron/collegiate orange, black/iron/collegiate gold, black/iron/power red, core black/iron met./power red.

Insert WordPress Content

These trainers are made from synthetic materials with a rubber sole and a removable insole.

They also feature a mesh upper sole and plenty of traction on the sole.

The customer reviews are mainly positive, but like so many of the others on this list, they seem to be a narrow fit. Many reviewers are wearing these as their every day shoes or to play baseball, as well as cross training.

Insert Content Template or Symbol

Buyer’s Guide to Cross Training Shoes

barbell with weights

Image Source: Pexels

Choosing the right cross training shoes is easier when you can try them on in-store. However, if you are going to buy online, there’s a few things you should look out for.

Firstly, shop around. As prices online can vary, you can often get a better deal if you spend some time researching who you are buying from. Particularly if you’re hoping to buy a big brand name. You want to make sure you aren’t buying fakes.

Another consideration when buying cross training shoes online is the fit. Customer reviews indicate that the trend is for trainers to be half a size smaller than what your every day shoe is.

The color of the shoe can be important if you intend to train at night. In this case, you’ll want to go for one of the reflective colors due to safety. Interestingly, men’s shoes seem to provide more color choices than women.

Other Factors to Consider

If you’re going to pay a substantial amount for your cross trainers, you want them to last you a while. Some people recommend you replace your shoes every 6 months if you’re training with them for 30 minutes a day. Other’s believe that buying new ones every 12 months should be sufficient.

Before you decide on your purchase, consider how long your workouts are and how many workouts a week you intend to do. You should take a good look at the sole and make sure that it is thick enough to cope with your exercise regime.

At the same time, you don’t want your shoe uppers to wear out either, so ask questions and make sure you know exactly what the shoes are made from and where.  

The Best Cross Training Shoes

women cross training

Image Source: Pexels

As shoppers, we know that price isn’t always a good indication of quality, but brand name usually is. In our opinion, Puma’s Tazon 6 shoes are the best shoes for women, particularly due to the low price.

For men, we recommend the Reebok’s Men’s R CROSSFIT Speed cross training shoes for durability and price.


What are Motivational Quotes?

by Michael Brown on September 9, 2019

Insert Image
fitness motivational quotes

Let's face it. Sometimes we need a little pep talk to get off of the couch and start getting in shape. Fitness motivational quotes can spur us to get active, eat right, or just feel good about being healthy.
If you've skimmed social media or the greeting card section of the grocery store, you've probably seen motivational quotes. Whether you want to be a leader, an artist, happy, rich, or healthy, motivating thoughts can help. They are wise, sometimes clever, or tear-invoking, words that cause you to have an emotional reaction. Many times, they are said by famous people and have become part of our culture.

Do Motivational Quotes Help People With Fitness?

Image Source: Pexels

Motivational quotes help people with all kinds of goals, even fitness. Let's say you want to run a 5K, but you are a class A couch potato. In order to achieve your goal, you are going to have to achieve mini-goals. Motivational quotes can help you change your habits and meet your mini-goals. We'll get to specific quotes in a moment, but good fitness motivational quotes should be:

  • Memorable
  • Powerful
  • Inspire you to push yourself
  • Be from someone you like and admire

30 Fitness Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving


  1. “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” — Henry David Thoreau, poet
  2. “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” — Michael John Bobak, digital artist
  3. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.” — Henry Ford
  4. “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” — Bruce Lee, martial artist
  5. “You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” — Michael Jordan, basketball player
woman doing core exercises on a yoga mat

Image source: Pexels

man and woman jogging

Image source: Pexels

Take Action

  1. “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”—Abraham Lincoln, 16th President
  2. “Well done is better than well said.” — Benjamin Franklin, inventor
  3. “A champion is someone who gets up when they can't.” — Jack Dempsey, pro boxer
  4. “If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied.” — Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson, actor
  5. “If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.” — Thomas Jefferson, Third President

Work Hard

  1. “No pain, no gain. Shut up and train.”
  2. “Train insane or remain the same.”
  3. “Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.”
  4. “Suck it up. And one day you won't have to suck it in.”
  5. “What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up.”
woman lifting a barbell

Image source: Pexels

two woman doing exercise together

Image source: Pexels

Fitness Is the Reward

  1. "Becoming healthy is the best decision I have ever made."
  2. "Sweat like a pig to look like a fox."
  3. “The hardest lift of all is lifting your butt off the couch.”
  4. “Making excuses burns zero calories per hour.”
  5. "Nothing tastes as good as fit feels."

Don't Quit

  1. "That voice in your head that says you can't do this is a liar."
  2. "Some quit because of slow progress. Slow progress is still progress."
  3. "If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up."
  4. “It comes down to one simple thing: how bad do you want it?”
  5. “When you feel like quitting think about why you started.”
woman smiling while doing a plank

Image source: Pexels


So, the next time you want to lay on the couch, shovel potato chips in your face, and watch Netflix all day, think of a few of these fitness motivational quotes. Keep them handy when you are working out to give you that nudge to lift heavier, run faster, or reach further. Your health will thank you for it.

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Top 5 Running Belts to Keep Your Stuff Safe and Secure

by Michael Brown on August 12, 2019

woman smiling and running

Chances are the most obnoxious thing about running is that you can’t keep your valuables with you easily. Most high-quality running gear won’t have the sort of secure pockets you’re looking for to keep your phone and wallet with you safely. When it comes down to it, you’re going to need a specific accessory to the most important stuff on you at all times.

It’s Time to Get a Running Belt Running belts are a piece of gear designed to both be comfortable to wear and hold all your important items for frequent jogs. Phones, wallets, keys, passports, even various paraphernalia to help with your run can be easily stashed in a non-intrusive way. The longer your run, the more you may want to prepare for, especially if you’re not planning to be anywhere close to civilization.

Comparison Table

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How We Choose the Best Running Belts

We want to be sure that we’re picking out the best running belts that suit your sense of style and function. Each running belt needs to top the list when it comes to a few important qualities.

  • Quality: Anyone can make a belt out of cheap materials. You need something better than just cheap, though, don’t you? You need something that you can run for hours with and still feel comfortable in. Something durable, well-made, and knit together with your body’s comfort in mind. Whether it be heat, rain, or snow, the running belt needs to weather or at least designed for the environment you plan to be in.
  • Storage: You’ll need plenty of options and space to hold everything. Large packs, small packs, packs designed for cards, phones, and the like – a running belt is nothing without plenty of space for everything you need for a run. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t go for marathon jogs, then a minimal design should do you just fine. But maybe you don’t want to be out in the world with only a few bucks and no wallet to help. However long your runs tend to be, you should have the storage to compensate.
  • Accessories: You may be looking for something that has a few more bells and whistles than your basic variety of running belt. You might be interested in one that can hold a water bottle or two for rehydration, or a specific slot for your phone to listen to music. The more function a running belt has, the merrier.
  • Reviews: We’re going to be cross-referencing every item on this list, checking to see how their customers respond to the product. We’ll see what they liked, what they didn’t like, and how the reviews in total stand for the reliability of the running belt.
  • Pricing: The best running belts are going to be a mix of good quality and an affordable price tag.

Top 5 Running Belts to Keep Your Stuff Safe and Secure

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group of people running

Image via Pixabay

Whatever ends up striking your fancy, what’s most important is that the running belt will keep everything you take with you secured.

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The FlipBelt is one of the best aesthetically sound, minimalistic entries that’ll come on this list. Most running belts will feature a sizeable fanny pack of some design, which can be hit-or-miss with how they make you look on the run. The FlipBelt breaks from that tradition with a seamless, Spandex-Lycra material tube design.

The FlipBelt has no clasps or velcro to secure it around your waist, instead of being a single elastic band that comes in a variety of sizes for a variety of bodies. With four separate entry points, you can slide in whatever you want to take with you: phones, keys, wallets, money, cards, whatever. Once they’re secure, you then flip the belt inside out, securing the belt against your body and preventing anything from falling out. Its smooth, yoga strap-like structure allows it to blend in easily with your clothing.

The elastic, fitted design prevents it from sliding down, jostling, or riding up while on the move. The lack of bouncing or shaking, combined with a non-chafing material, makes it one of the most comfortable running belts on the market. While it may not come with the bells and whistles of attachable water bottles and the like, the FlipBelt provides the security, comfort, and look you’re looking for. And, if you’re not comfortable with the openings being so open, the FlipBelt also has a zipper version for extra security.

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Chances are, most of the running belts you find on the market are going to look like a high-spec fanny pack. They may not be the same that your parents would wear when they took you to Disneyland when you were ten, but it might feel like it if you choose the wrong belt. The Runtasty Running Fuel Belt distinguishes itself from the crowd by subverting the fanny pack look. To do this, they turned the front of the belt into a sweat-proof, touchscreen-enabled phone carrier, allowing you to access your phone without removing it from storage.

This allows you to readily change your music, podcast, or fitness app with ease. Even with the front taken up by your phone, the running belt also comes with two large pockets for storage, allowing easy organization of your gear. Two water bottles come attached to the side of the belt, 8.5 ounces each, to keep you hydrated for your run. The belt itself is designed with gel-based, anti-slip technology on the interior, enforcing a snug fit and negating any bouncing, shaking, or loosening you might otherwise experience.

The neoprene material that makes up the rest of the belt is waterproof, ensuring full protection of whatever you bring with you from sweat or other water hazards you may encounter. The Runtasty Running Fuel Belt only comes in one size, and unfortunately, it’s not a one-size-fits-all sort of deal. Ideal for waist sizes, both men and women between 27” and 46”, this running belt offers the convenience, protection, and comfort that you’re looking for. You might not want to use it for any races, though. Sometimes the water bottle holders are a little too effective at their job.

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While this running belt doesn’t scream high-spec, technologically innovative, or unique design, it does the one thing it intends to do: secure your belongings. Not every running belt needs to be the next evolution of the brand. The Aqua Quest KONA Running Belt does not claim to surpass its competition in every category. It doesn’t need to. What it offers is the comfort of you knowing for full certainty that whatever you store in it will be kept safe.

The KONA running belt is extremely lightweight, allowing it to be worn and hardly noticed as you take your regular jog. It has a seamless design, which enhances its overall comfort and durability, and presents a water-resistant package to be used in any sort of weather or environment safely. Due to its lightweight design and lack of extraneous appliances, it’s easy to conceal beneath your clothes. Chances are you won’t find a more water-resistant product on the market. Due to its water-resistant zipper, seamless design, and carefully chosen materials, its guaranteed to keep your belongings in pristine condition – as long as you don’t jump in a lake.

Even if you do notice you’re wearing it, at 2.6 ounces it’ll be easy to miss. It’s designed to be soft, flexible, and conform to your body to reduce and negate chafing and discomfort. The straps are adjustable and can fit to waists between 27” to 52”. To call it basic would usually be an insult, but the KONA running belt doesn’t aim to be the most eccentric running belt on the market. It’s straightforward, attractive, and single-mindedly designed with your valuables in mind. Customers by and large appreciate this running belt, but every now and then, you might have a little bit of trouble with it loosening itself.

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So we’re going to dip into the “concealed zipper” of running belts here. As a product designed for any sex, this running belt prides itself on being a comfortable, roomy option for jogging storage. Let’s expand on the “concealed zipper” comment. The Stashbandz Running Belt has four total pockets: two in the front, two in the back.

They make use of the entire sizeable fabric to give you the most storage space possible for all your needs. Whether they be for phones, wallets, keys, snacks, or anything else portable you may need, this running belt will comfortably keep them secure. All of these pockets have an overlapping flap to hide the zipper, ensuring your items’ safety. Jumping off of comfort, chances are you’ll forget you’re even wearing these while out jogging.

Designed using a high-quality fabric to enhance the comfort, durability, and movement of the running belt, you’ll be able to use this belt and forget you’re even wearing it. The fabric soaks up moisture, cools your body, and fends off bacteria from dirtying your valuables. The Stashbandz brand values its quality and performance, and it shows with their customer response.

By and large, the majority of those who have purchased this product have discovered it provides an ideal running experience. It isn’t quite for everyone, however. Make sure to check with their sizes first on their website before purchasing to ensure you have one that will fit you. If it doesn’t, it may ride up or bounce on your run.

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Want to go for a jog but don't want to juggle your phone and keys? Tired of trying to manage all of your items while on the run? The Original SPIbelt is perfect for carrying all of your necessities so you can concentrate on running hands-free and carefree. This running pack is made to hold and protect your phone, keys, earbuds, wallet, cash, credit cards, gels, or other essentials, and can be used while running, working out, jamming out at a music festival, or traveling the world! You'll no longer have to choose between leaving your things behind when you go running or feeling weighed down by your stuff. The Original SPIbelt will keep everything safe and secure within arm's reach.

The Original SPIbelt is a dedicated runner's dream, and it's also great for a variety of other workout routines. It is with you every step of the way and eliminates pocket-less problems that most exercise gear has. Use it while running, walking, hiking, at the gym, during everyday errand runs, at workout classes, or during ab routines.

Buyer’s Guide: Always Research Before You Buy

two men running in the woods

The important thing before any purchase is to ensure that what you’re buying is right for you. Whether it’s for function or for size, double-checking the product listing or their website to ensure everything is as you’re expecting should be your first step. Remember, always look out to understand what the product offers.

  • Quality
  • Storage
  • Accessories

Read the customer reviews, see how much it costs, and then you’ll be confident in your final decision.

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How Many Calories? Big Mac’s Calories Visualized

by Michael Brown on July 31, 2019

The Big Mac is one of the most famous burgers in the world.

This burger was first introduced by McDonalds in 1967 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. By 1968, it had been released nationwide, quickly earning a name for itself as one of the most delicious burgers in the history of fast food.

In this article, we discuss how many calories are in this legendary burger, using vivid descriptions to convey the Big Mac’s various components. Towards the end of the article, we offer some tips for how make the Big Mac healthy, including a vegan recipe that will have your mouth watering.

The Big Mac Calories ​And Ingredients

The Big Mac has 540 calories.

About 260 of these calories are from fat, as there is about 28 grams of total fat in the burger.

The Big Mac is composed of three sesame seed buns, two beef patties, shredded lettuce, Big Mac sauce, American cheese, pickles, and onions.

The sesame seed buns are primarily made from wheat flour, barley flour, water, sugar, yeast, soybean oil, salt, wheat gluten, sesame seeds, potato flour and vinegar.

The two beef patties are made from 100% pure USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) inspected beef. This beef does not have fillers or extenders. There is also some salt and black pepper on the beef.

The Big Mac sauce was a secret for a while, but McDonalds recently released the ingredients. In particular, the sauce is composed primarily of soybean oil, sweet relish, egg yolks, vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder, sugar, various corn syrups, turmeric, paprika, and water.

It’s important to note that these are not all the ingredients, as there are several other substances that are used in the bun and sauce. These include things like xanthan gum, various vitamins and minerals, various colorings, enzymes, and dough conditioners. Many of these ingredients are preservatives intended to extend the lifespan of the food.

While these ingredients have very minimal calories, this doesn’t mean that they are healthy in any way.

More Information ​On ​The Big Mac’s Nutritional Profile

burger and flames

Image via Pexels

If you are trying to analyze the nutritional profile of the Big Mac, it’s also important to understand its various micronutrients and macronutrients.

In terms of micronutrients, the Big Mac has 950mg of sodium, which is a whopping 40% of the daily value recommended by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  

The Big Mac also has 530IU of Vitamin A, which is about 10% of your daily value. It also has 120mg of calcium, which is about 10% of your daily value. Lastly, it has 4.5mg of iron, which is about 25% of your daily value.

In terms of macronutrients, the Big Mac has 3 grams of dietary fiber, 9 grams of sugar, and 45 grams of total carbs. It also has 25 grams of protein.

Analyzing the Health of the Big Mac

When considered in abstraction, the Big Mac doesn’t seem that unhealthy.

However, the Big Mac’s calories stem mainly from beef, cheese, flour, soybean oil, and refined sugars. While the beef, cheese and flour might be considered healthy by some, the soybean oil and refined sugars are certainly not healthy.

Refined sugars are often considered empty calories since they provide minimal micronutrients. These sugars are usually extracted from sugarcane or sugar beets. This means that they lack the fiber, vitamins and minerals of these foods, which are absolutely critical for digestion.

Soybean oil is a very fatty food that is considered one of the more affordable oils. This is likely why McDonald’s utilizes the oil, as it allows them to maximize their profit. McDonald’s doesn’t provide information about the exact quantity of the oil used or the particular nature of it.

Yet, one of the reasons that McDonald’s uses three buns is to soak up some of the Big Mac sauce. Thus, the amount of soybean oil used on this burger is certainly not a negligible amount.

It’s also well known that the more unrefined an oil is, the healthier it is. Cold-pressed has become the gold standard for oils, yet this is an expensive process that makes the resultant oil quite expensive. Thus, it’s very likely that this soybean oil has been heated under high temperatures, which denatures many of its various nutrients.

Ultimately, all of this means that the Big Mac is quite an unhealthy burger despite its relatively low number of calories.

The main redeeming factor of the burger is the shredded lettuce, onions, cheese, and beef. Very little preservatives are used in these ingredients, making them relatively healthy.

It should be noted that the pickles also contain salt, natural flavors, extractives, and preservatives. Thus, they are not as pure or healthy as you might expect.

Tips ​For Making ​The Big Mac Healthy

big mac in paper container

Image via Flickr

Eating a Big Mac doesn’t have to be an unhealthy indulgence, as its components can be modified to the customers liking.

We recommend asking only for the burger, cheese, lettuce, onions, and pickles. If you must have the bread, then we recommend making your own.

While it might be socially awkward to make your own bread for a fast food meal, remember that it’s your health that’s at stake. A slight bit of awkwardness is a fair exchange for more optimal health.

Alternatively, you can ask for extra lettuce, onions and pickles and turn this Big Mac into a salad. Then, you can just cut up the beef patty into bite sized pieces. If you are craving a dressing, you can also make one at home utilizing only healthy ingredients.  

A Vegan Alternative ​To ​The Big Mac

big mac close up

Image via Flickr

Some people scoff at the Big Mac’s calories because they come partially from animal products like beef and cheese.

For these people, it wouldn’t matter if the burger only had 100 calories and no preservatives. These customers consider their digestion to also be a function of their vegan ethics, which means that beef and cheese are off limits.

Yet, if you follow a vegan lifestyle, then there is need to worry, as the textures and tastes of the classic Big Mac can be replicated using only plant-based ingredients.

In particular, if you want to keep it simple, you can just use three steamed portabella mushrooms for the buns. Or, you could make your own buns from scratch using buckwheat flour, coconut flour, yeast, water and salt. This kind of bun would avoid the usage of various oils, preservatives, and unhealthy flours. Buckwheat has also been lauded in recent years for its many health benefits, and these benefits extend into the flour.

To replace the beef patty, you can use pureed beets and beans as your base. As a binder, you can use flaxseed powder or chia seed powder.

To replace the cheese, you can make your own cashew cheese. There are many recipes online that walk you through how to do this.

Lastly, the Big Mac sauce that is typically used usually has egg yolks in it, which are not considered vegan. This is likely used as a binder and can be replaced with any kind of plant-based powder, like flax seed powder, chia seed powder or even hemp seed powder.

A Raw, Vegan Alternative ​To ​The Big Mac

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Image via Pexels

On another level, you could use mainly raw foods in order to assemble a vegan version of the Big Mac. In order to do this, we recommend using coconut meat as your buns. Then, we recommend using a combination of avocado, tomatoes, lemon juice, salt and your favorite fresh herbs to form the sauce.

You could also use raw onions and cucumbers on this raw vegan Big Mac. To replace the cheese, you could just make a raw cashew-based cheese that is adapted from an online recipe.

Our Final Thoughts ​On ​The Big Mac’s Calories

big mac

Image via Flickr

We think the Big Mac is a legendary sandwich that is quickly going out of style.

We think the world is moving towards a vegan lifestyle which excludes the use of animal products. Yet, this doesn’t mean that the textures and flavors of the classic Big Mac will be lost. Rather, it means that the bulk of the Big Mac’s calories will come from nuts, seeds, roots, and legumes in the future.

These are some of the most digestible foods in the world, which means that McDonald’s might actually be considered a healthy establishment in the future.

When you think about it, plants and fruits are some of the fastest foods on the planet. We think McDonald’s might feature more meals in the future that are simpler than the classic Big Mac burger.

For example, this might entail a romaine lettuce wrap filled with mangoes, sprouts, avocado, and bell peppers. As long as these ingredients are of high quality, they should be able to be eaten and enjoyed on their own, without concocting some complex patty, bread, or sauce.

At the end of the day, as long as you stay aware of what you are eating, your health will be optimized and you will experience new levels of health and happiness.


When and Why to Take Calcium Phosphate

by Michael Brown on June 26, 2019

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When you think about calcium, you probably first think about the overall health of your bones and teeth.

In fact, your body contains anywhere from 1.5 – 2.5 lbs. of calcium and 99% of that makes up, specifically, the dental and skeletal systems.  

What doesn’t make up your bones and teeth is instead used in the membranes that hold your cells together, including those that make up your skin, blood, and other fluids of the body.

Did you know, though, that your body actually contains a special type of calcium called calcium phosphate? The calcium that makes up the harder parts of your body is actually a compound of pure calcium and phosphorous.

How Much Calcium Is Needed?

cookies oatmeal

Image Source: Pixabay

Generally speaking, the average adult needs about 1,000 milligrams of calcium every day until they reach what is considered an advanced age for their gender. Women should typically bump their intake to 1,200 milligrams a day when they hit their 50th year. Men can usually hold off on this bump in calcium intake until their 70th year.

Of course, pregnant women, children, and infants need calcium more than adult men or non-pregnant women do. This is because calcium is needed for healthy bone formation and growth, including that of fetuses. The National Institute of Health outlines necessary calcium intake for every stage of life.

What Does Calcium Do for Us?

As we have already touched on, calcium has many different functions within the body. Aside from just making our bones and teeth stronger, calcium also helps blood vessels regulate the flow of the blood throughout your body. This keeps your blood pressure at a manageable level for your heart to keep up.

Calcium also helps your muscle movements. When your muscles need to contract, calcium makes this an easy transition. If you find that you are often cramping, you likely are short on calcium in your diet.

Your nerve cells use calcium in communication. This helps your body better recognize pain sensors and other stimuli.

Finally, calcium helps to clot the blood. Without calcium, our blood would be very thin. We would bleed easily and our wounds would not heal properly.

There are Different Types of Calcium

There is no such thing as “pure” calcium. Calcium always combines with other elements in nature, depending on the purpose that the calcium must serve.

When we digest calcium, our body picks the calcium apart from the other elements, which allows it to benefit from the calcium in our diet. Calcium phosphate- or tricalcium phosphate, as it is sometimes called- contains about 40% elemental calcium. This means that, when you take in a supplement of calcium phosphate you are getting a significant dose of the calcium your body needs.

Calcium found in bone meal or oyster shells is not recommended for human consumption because it is often laced with lead or other toxins. This calcium is what you will sometimes see referred to as carbon calcium.

If you want your body to better absorb the calcium you take in from your diet, make sure that you are getting plenty of Vitamin D. Be careful, though, when taking supplements. Most calcium supplements already contain Vitamin D and you can get too much of a good thing.

Sources of Calcium in Food

Before reaching for a calcium phosphate supplement, you might want to take a look at your diet to see if there are any ways you can enhance your calcium intake naturally.

Below, we have outlined some of our favorite calcium-rich food sources.

Some Leafy Greens

Image Source: Pexels

The darker the greenery, the more calcium it is going to contain. One cup of cooked collard greens, for example, can deliver 266 mg (25%) of your daily calcium requirement. There are exceptions, however.

Spinach is very dark green and contains a ton of calcium, but because the calcium is bound to the greens as an oxalate, it won’t digest as well as other options like kale or mustard greens. This means you won’t get as much calcium absorption from spinach.

When considering leafy vegetables, don’t overlook rhubarb, however. Rhubarb is rich in calcium. From one cup of cooked rhubarb, you’ll absorb about 100 mg of calcium.


Image Source: Pexels

Dried figs are exceptionally rich in calcium. One ounce of the dried fruit delivers 5% of your daily calcium requirement. They are also rich in potassium, vitamin K, antioxidants, and fiber- all of which will aid in digestion. This ensures that your body gets the very best out of your diet.

Whey Protein

Image Source: Pexels

Little Miss Muffet was on the right track with her curds and whey. Whey protein, which is found in milk, is an excellent source of protein as well as amino acids. We already know thanks to extensive studies that introducing whey protein into your diet can increase weight loss and improve your control of your blood sugar.

Lost in the  sea of other benefits, we tend to overlook the calcium content of whey protein. One ounce of whey protein powder contains 1/5 of your daily calcium requirement.


Image Source: Pexels

Almonds are the highest in calcium when it comes to nuts. A single ounce of almonds (20 nuts, give or take) delivers about 8% of your daily calcium requirement.

Seeds & Beans

Image Source: Pexels

Believe it or not, seeds contain tons of nutritional elements including calcium phosphate. Poppy seeds, sesame seeds, celery seeds, and chia seeds are especially beneficial in this regard. In just one tablespoon of poppy seeds, you’ll find 126 milligrams of calcium.

We already know that beans are a great source of protein, but they are also very rich in calcium, fiber, and other micronutrients including magnesium and potassium. A single cup of winged beans has 244 mg of calcium.


Image Source: ​Pexels​

We already know that dairy products contain tons of calcium. A single ounce of parmesan cheese, for example, contains about 331 milligrams of calcium. A cup of yogurt has nearly 1/3rd of your daily calcium needs.

There are a few things to remember with dairy, however. The softer the cheese, the lower the calcium (but higher the protein) content. Aged, hard cheeses are more calcium-rich and actually easier to digest.

Low fat yogurt and Greek yogurt, also, will have more calcium than higher fat options.

When we get our calcium from dairy products, our body tends to absorb it easier. This is a good reason to introduce a little more dairy into your daily life!

Why Add Phosphorous to Calcium Supplements?

Our bodies need both calcium and phosphate to function well. Because they bind together well, it is a good idea to take a supplement that offers both.

Calcium phosphate has been found to be the most effective calcium compound in terms of providing the best overall bone and dental health as well as a steady release of calcium into the body without overloading the body with calcium all at one time.

An overabundance of calcium can result in a number of complications ranging from heart failure to memory loss and even stroke. You need to ensure that you are not overdoing the calcium, hence, the added phosphorous in calcium phosphate supplements will help provide a steadier release of the nutrient.

Now that you are aware of the benefits and risks of calcium phosphate supplements, as well as a few good leads on how to add calcium into your diet naturally, we want to wish you luck on this step to better health.

Congratulations – You’re on Your Way to Better Health!Enter your text here...

You will soon find that you are feeling stronger, that your teeth are less sensitive, and possibly even that your fingernails and hair are stronger and shinier than ever before. Keep up the good work and feel free to check back in the future for more articles about enhancing your personal healthcare regimen.

As always, if you have any questions it is a good idea to consult your physician before making any major changes. They will know more about your personal health situation and be able to provide structured and directed advice that tailored specifically for you.

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The Ultimate Guide To Food Substitutes

by Michael Brown on June 23, 2019


Proper nutrition and healthy eating are the top ways to keep your mind and body happy.

You need to take care of your body to perform at your highest possible level, and that starts with giving your body the right kind of food.

Fitness means nothing if you aren’t eating well to back it up

So, need a little help avoiding “unhealthy” ingredients?

You’ve come to the right place.

Looking For Ways To Make Your Meals Healthier?

healthy meal

image via: pixabay

Swapping out ingredients for healthier substitutes is a great way to start.

There’s even an app (for iOS) that can help you out: SubUllator.

If you’re out of or avoiding a specific ingredient, the app will list out suitable replacements in metric, imperial, and U.S. Cup measurements. You can also set it for gluten-free, low-fat, dairy-free, low-sugar, and vegan.

The app is particularly good for when you don’t have an ingredient a recipe asks for or when you need alternatives for a food allergy, but for everyday healthy food option swaps check out the list below.

21 Foods You Can Swap Out For Their Healthier Alternatives


image via: pixabay

Mixing up your ingredients for a healthier diet can turn into an adventure with your own food creativity too.

Try new foods and flavors – you’ll probably find something you’ll fall in love with.

You might end up tweaking your favorite recipes to the exact point you’re looking for with food substitutes – and your body will thank you too.


Swap Sugar For Stevia

Stevia isn’t another artificial sweetener – it’s a natural sweetener 200 to 300 times sweeter than regular sugar and is nearly calorie-free.

It comes from a plant and you can use it to sweeten anything you’d typically put everyday granulated sugar in. Just be wary of the amount you use, since it’s way sweeter than sugar.

You can get stevia in liquid or powder form.

Other ingredients work great as sugar substitutes too: unsweetened applesauce, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg will give your food a punch of sweet without the added sugar.


Try Whole-Wheat Or Coconut Flour Instead Of Regular Flour

Whole-wheat flour is a healthier option than your typical flour because it has more fiber and has gone through less processing, Gluten-free flour options let everyone enjoy your baked goods regardless of gluten intolerance.

One gluten-free option is coconut flour, which is made from dried and finely ground coconut meat, has fewer carbs than other nut flours, 11 times the fiber of wheat flours, and more protein.

Watch out when using gluten-free flour though, as you won’t get the same kind of stickiness (it comes from gluten) to bind your baked goods together – you’ll need to add xanthan gum.


Don’t Open Those Potato Chips And Go Pop Some Popcorn

Dodge the greasy and super-salty potato chips and go for natural popcorn without pre-seasonings for an option lower in fat with a touch of fiber.

Plus, when you start with a basic air-popped popcorn base, you can have some fun with your spice cabinet and add your own flavor to movie night. Try cinnamon, chili powder, or parmesan.


Ditch The Croutons And Sprinkle On Pistachios Or Almonds Instead

Need to add a little extra crunch to your salad? Forget the croutons – they don’t add any nutritional value to your meal.

Instead, try adding something that’ll taste great, satisfy your crunchy texture itch, and check off boxes on your daily nutritional to-do list at the same time. Pistachios, almonds, pecans, and walnuts are all great examples of extra-healthy alternatives.

Nuts are also great for yogurt. Add nuts instead of granola – it’s packed with excess sugar (you could always make your own granola, though).


Instead Of Breadcrumbs Try Chia Seeds Or Flaxseeds

Need a crust for your meatloaf?

Leave the breadcrumbs at the bottom of the bag and grab some chia seeds, flaxseeds, or oats instead.

It’s an easy way to add bonus nutrition to your meals where you previously had none. Chia seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and a little protein, and flaxseeds have similar nutritional benefits.